Struggling/ worrying after first part of assessment

Hello all :) I am currently in the process of going through an ASD assessment. This is as a result of a psychiatrist I saw about OCD last year suggesting that I may be Autistic; prior to this Mum and I had discussed it a few times and she had suspected it when I was younger, but we'd then dismissed it as me just being a bit shy/ being particularly intense about my specific interests, so when a professional picked up on symptoms of it I decided I really wanted to be assessed. I have always been awkward socially, been extremely shy and felt 'different' to others, I hated school, I react very badly to change, whether it's big changes or a change of routine, and I can't cope with much socialising or doing too much. I am obsessive about my interests and I have quite a big problem with certain sensory things; I'm very noise sensitive, can't stand certain kinds of clothes and often feel unwell in brightly lit and busy shops.

So I had the first part of what I understand to be a DISCO assessment yesterday; it was with someone who introduced themselves as a nurse (presumably a specialist Autism nurse) and I’ve been told that someone will also meet with my Mum to discuss my childhood and that I’ll also have a final appointment with a psychiatrist. The appointment yesterday covered various aspects of my life, mainly focusing on my childhood. I had taken with me several pages of notes along the lines of 'why I think I might be Autistic' and I was very glad I did, as I felt like the questions I was asked and the answers I was able to give (I was feeling really stressed about it so wasn't really thinking straight) didn't really get anywhere near to the difficulties I have with various aspects of life. Reflecting on the experience, I find myself worrying about two things; that A) I wasn't sufficiently able to put across my difficulties and the things that trouble me, or that B) because I have read up on Autism quite a lot and now know quite a lot about how it manifests, that I was trying to relate everything in my answers to me possibly having Autism, if that makes sense. I almost felt it'd have been easier to go into the appointment knowing nothing and having less of an awareness of what they were looking for.

I am worried about the outcome either way; I feel like if I'm not diagnosed, I will feel really lost as I will have no explanation for why I struggle in the way I do, but I know that if I am diagnosed, because I am such an obsessive worrier, I will worry whether it's right or not and worry that it's just because I've focused on particular aspects of my character that seem more 'Autistic' than others that I've been diagnosed, if that makes sense.

There were a few things I've worried about particularly today; eg I was asked about my hobbies and couldn't really name any as although I have a couple of very specific and very intense special interests, I wouldn't consciously call them hobbies, they are more like my way of life, so when put on the spot I didn't have the thought process of 'oh she's asking about hobbies, now's the time to talk about my special interests even though I wouldn't call them hobbies as such'

I think I may try to get in touch with the center to see if I can submit some additional notes. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced any similar worries relating to their assessments, ie worrying about whether they'd managed to put enough relevant information across without feeling like they'd gone too far, if that makes sense? I did mention to the person I saw that I had read up on Autism and was mindful of the fact that having knowledge about it tended to make me try to analyse all aspects of my life through the lens of possible Autism, but she didn't really give an opinion on that.

Thank you for reading :)