Can you be both

so I’m a little confused with my diagnosis. I though I was diagnosed with autism and aspergers, is this possible or is it just aspergers lol

  • I detest the term 'High Functioning Autism' too, but on other grounds. On the one hand, by association it makes you ask, "well, what about these 'low functioning' autistics?" There seems to be some sort of inherent value judgement in the term. And by that, there's almost a subtle hint (when Neurotypicals say it at least) that we should be grateful that we're "high functioning". Well, as long as I'm psycho-socially crippled in life to be miserable AND high functioning enough to be excruciatingly self-aware of it, well that's all fine then!

    I suppose this is a good point to take a little poll, and ask the good folks what their preferred term is?...

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