How important is it to have a parent present when diagnosing ASD in adults?


I have long realised my brain is wired a little differently to others and browsing these threads there is a lot I can relate to, but first a little background. I am 36 years old and have always struggled to maintain friendships and relationships. I can see the importance of things like small talk and hugging etc. But I can't relate it to myself. It's objective, like looking at things through a microscope. The main things I can relate to on these threads are a complete lack of ability to interpret body language (I swear I must have missed out on relationships because I have not been able to interpret women flirting with me!) and a strong desire to correct people when they are wrong, which I know doesn't particularly popular! But there are lots of other things as well!

so I am very interested in finding out where I set on the spectrum, however reading about getting a diagnosis the process seems very stressful (and I say that in a way I know you guys will truly understand) and from what I read at the assessment stage it is normally requested that you bring someone along to talk about your childhood, how important is this in a getting a confirmed diagnosis? My only real options are my dad (bless him, but he doesn't really remember much from my childhood, as an example yesterday he could not remember the colour of my school uniform) or my brother who lives at the other end of the country.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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