Back 2 square 1

Hi I was on PIP until june 2018 when I found out I may have Autism so I attended a Nice (Joke) Health Assessment and a few days later they refused it and took me off PIP, I`m now waiting about 52 weeks for a Tribunal.

I had to have another Health Assessment this time for my ESA over my Autism got stressed and Anxiety just getting there then when I got there I was finding it difficult relaxing.

I had a young lady come to me and tell me that because I had a "TIA" about 10 years ago I would have to be seen by a specialist I sauid this was for my Autism and not that but I was told to go home and they will send me out another letter. I was angry but also tired of this I could of said"Then why don't you fucking read my report and sort it out" But I didn't I got home and was so drianed I had to lay down.

also I'm getting Panic attacks is this normal ( well as close as ? )

I Have a feeling I'm not the only one they have done this ?

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