Being Touched

I am sure many of you have issues when it comes to touching.

If someone touches me or goes to cuddle me and I don't know it's going to happen, it freaks me out.  If I know about it, I am ok.

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  • As a young adult, I always flinched if people moved to give me a hug. I wasn't even particularly conscious of my reaction, but people often remarked on my flinching. I assumed it was because no one in my family was very demonstrative and I wasn't used to it and was scared of physical violence or bullying (being youngest in the family). Indeed I learned not to flinch, I think. After diagnosis, it's one of those things that you wonder about as possibly related to some innate autistic characteristic. As far as I know I don't have any particular hypersensitivity to touch.

    I always ask my autistic friends before going for a hug. Probably good practice in general anyway.

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