Are there any other relationship services beyond Mencap's "Relationships and sex" support service?

The immigration law firm that is helping me is building a humans rights case.

Each time I give them an answer, the answer hasn't been good enough. On the other hand, I just remembered one of the core reasons why I want to be here instead of somewhere else:

Mencap's relationship services.

I recognize that relationships are hard and challenging. I have watched one of my cousins go through a divorce and a brutal custody battle to be a father to his kids. My own sister had to deal with her narcissistic husband. She had to temporarily move back in with me and my parents to send a message that his behavior was not okay.

I know marriages are not like a never-ending honeymoon. They come with hardships.

It is so important to me to have this kind of support that I am willing to leave my country and family behind. 

Are there other services or organizations that help people with disabilities with the relationships, or marriages they forge?