Totally Rotten Sick Twisted World

Having tough time of a tough time. Had meeting with Employer and my medical team, my employer asked to speak with my medical team. Which I agreed to in the spirit of being open and with the expectation that the discussion would be about my requested changes, with some discussion about my performance. Really angry with everything, I feel meeting was ambushed to set the scene to kick me out of the company. I feel my medical team would provide some support, but I feel they have made things worse. I have told my doctor that I am trapped at work, in that my skills are out dated so I am not marketable, so my best cause of action is to stick at work and gain the skills and experience I need to continue with my career with a different employer. My doctor in the meeting said well we aren't getting any where with frustrations and problems at work, and he can't progress anything with my mental health until that is sorted out. He also keeps asking me "are you working full time now", I have been working full time for years. Part of my reasonable changes was to work at home a couple of days a week, because I find the office environment difficult, they already think I am wasting time at home. Just hate this sick twisted world In the meeting I am given two options, either leave the company or undertake a months trial where I will be intensively and closely monitored which will be very stressful. There were several references to having the option to leave the company at any time. They wanted to be involved with my medical team because they want an indication as to whether I am fit to undertake this trial. Even if the trial is successful, I am told that the changes I have requested do not fit with their company plans anymore. They cited communication problems, but I don't know where they are getting these from, I don't have communcation issues with my peers. I do with this nightmare manager, but I am doing my hardest to not let that get in the way of my work, and suppressing a lot of anger that they are adding to the situation