Concussion and fits.

I am not begging for attention and I am sure I will be fine, but I am in the hospital because I had a call yesterday, I have concussion and I have been fitting, they aren't being very nice to me and it's scary in here and they won't let my husband (my carer) be with me outside visiting time.

I tripped over nothing and landed on my face, my nose is wonky  but to swollen to tell if it's broken. I have had a mri scan, it horrible they keep taking me places and leaving me in corridors without saying anything.  I want to go home.

  • Try to relax.

    A few years ago I had several stays in hospital. And I got used to being sent from one place to another.  One day on one ward. Then being transferred to another ward.  Then being taken for scans and examinations.

    I know it's a lot of waiting about while they review test results than transfer you to another department.  Then leave you waiting again.

    The good thing is that the NHS is free.  And you get free hospital meals.  No need to cook or wash up.

    Good luck.

  • Sorry to hear this Song. I have had concussion before but not with fits, that sounds very scary and unpleasant (on top of the hospital environment itself). Make sure you get a much rest as you can and don’t push yourself too soon - recovering from a concussion takes time.

    Do the staff know you have ASD? I find that even though it’s on my medical record, when in hospital it’s best to make this explicitly clear to every member of staff that sees you because often it turns out they don’t know about it! I struggled with being moved when in hospital too and I remember thinking ‘Why couldn’t they at least warn me first and tell me where they are taking me?’ Sometimes the little things can really help.

    Try to ask for better communication with you about what’s happening, explain why you need that and if they’re still ignoring your needs and it’s getting very distressing for you then gently remind them of their legal obligation to provide reasonable adjustments - this usually does the trick. But most of all try to focus on getting your health better, because that will ultimately get you out of the hospital! 

    Hope you’re feeling much better soon, and try to avoid any more unplanned trips!

  • Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.

  • Hello Song,

    Sorry to hear of your misfortunate fall. I hope you recover quickly. Hospital is not the best place to be. Don’t forget that they will keep you in for as short a time as possible.


  • This is a "Get Well Soon" Post from myself as well.

    And this is good advice as well, there.

    then gently remind them of their legal obligation to provide reasonable adjustments - this usually does the trick.
  • Hello Song

    How are you today?

  • I hope you are feeling better.

    If you are still in hospital, look on the bright side, if anything goes wrong then help is nearby.

  • My experience of hospitals may be of help to you.

    Hospitals are always short of beds.  So if you come in through A&E , they will find you any bed they can.  Then they will transfer you to a more suitable department or ward at very short notice.  Without any proper discussion.  And this can lead to panic and anxiety.

    So try to relax and always make sure all your personal possessions go with you as you are transferred.

    Waiting in the various waiting rooms in hospitals is a fact of life .

  • Thank you everyone, I am feeling quite a bit better today, still very sick and dizzy but I haven't been fitting and I am much less stressed. The thing that sent me over the edge yesterday was the 2 men that came and got me and my bed, they didn't say anything to me and talked to each other in a different language, they took me down lots of corridors and a lift then just walked away. After what felt like hours they came and got me and I had the MRI scan them they took me back to a different waiting ward. The only person that spoke to me in all that time was the MRI man and he just checked my name and date of birth and told me I had to stay still for 2 mins.

    But I'm doing much better now. I guess however that I'm not going to be driving any more because of the fitting.