Riding without stabilisers... How to keep going forward without losing your balance and crashing!

Life always throws challenge into the heady mix of the day to day.  Myself, I have a husband undertaking spinal surgery today, as a result a week full of house guests, a busy job, and I am also trying to secure a new employment position.  All of this has created a heightened sense of instability and therefore the need to keep centred, a cool head, plus to deftly switch hats from employee, partner, mother, hostess etc in order to meet everyones' NT expectations! Performance anxiety abounds!!

So, my question is...

What keeps you grounded when the world sometimes spin too fast?

What routines, internal mantras, techniques do you use to keep your "**** together" and to stop you imploding into a shutdown/meltdown/implosion/arrrrgggghhhh??

Hope all is well with everyone out there! best wishes to all

Ellie x

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  • From the title, I thought this question was actually about bicycle riding, but perhaps the advice is the same:

    The faster you are going, the more confident you are about your direction and your destination, the easier it is to keep your balance. You are more likely to fall off if you are concentrating on every crack in the road, so keep looking forward and don't sweat the little things. Just ride over all those cracks.

    Who cares what everyone else expects? What do YOU want? What do YOU expect? Concentrate on that and, even if everything doesn't completely go as you might have liked, you won't have wasted your time worrying about what might go wrong.