Aspire social groups

Does anyone here go to their local Aspire group run by the NAS?

I was just worried about what to expect if I went along.

  • Hello,

    I went to my first group meeting recently.

    It wasn’t called Aspire, but is a similar meeting for adults with Asperger’s andHFA.

    I was rather concerned that I might it difficult or inappropriate, but everyone was friendly and the meting was unstructured and laid-back. Some people just observed, while others joined in. The topics of conversation were varied and not all centred on being on the spectrum.

    I will definitely be going again.

  • I think there are only one or two NAS groups with that name (Surrey is it?).

    I've been to a few autism groups, and none have had any particular expectations. Some have ground rules that include 'don't be late', but if you're late you miss people explaining the ground rules...