I have been advised to apply for pip, I haven't got a diagnosis yet, it will be here in 8 weeks or so. Do I apply now or after I get an answer? 

If I do get it what would I do with it? We have enough money to survive. My husband helps me with all the things I can't do and I don't imagine me joining any special groups.

I'm a little confused. 

Please be gentle.

  • PIP is a benefit that is there to help people pay the extra cost that they occur specifically because of their disability. For example, whilst at work I have to pay extortionate city centre parking prices as I cannot cope with the tram in rush hour. If you experience any extra costs due to being autistic then its definitely worth considering.

     As PIP is a disability benefit, if you aren't aren't diagnosed with any disabilities yet then you need to wait until you officially receive your disability diagnosis. You do not automatically receive the benefit for being disabled, it's based on how your disability affects you in a number of areas, such as your ability to read and write or take nutrition. If you look at the description and don't feel you'd score enough points to be awarded the benefit then it isn't worth applying. If you do apply try and back up as many points as possible with independent evidence such as your ASD report, OH reports, fit notes etc. I do this and have received the benefit twice (at my initial application and renewal) without any issues.

    The points descriptions can be found on the Citizens Advice website.

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