I’m struggling at work

I started a new job around five months ago and have been doing okay, but I’ve now inadvertently upset a visitor - she’s being manipulative and hamming it up - and I’m fed up about it. 

I’d been at my previous place for eight years and it was quite a wrench to leave. 

I’m working hard to mask, but I’m doing a good job and resent the management being manipulated by this tricky neurotypical person who has form for this. 

I didn’t disclose my aspergers when I applied because I don’t class myself as disabled and I’m actually very good at my job, it’s just that I’m direct and see through people who are less than honest. 

I don’t know whether to just go back onto a nightshift job. Less people to upset. Not fulfilling though. 

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  • I feel your pain, I'm in a similar situation. I did disclose my Aspergers to some people and it mostly what that achieved was fairly irritating and definitely unhelpful. Similarly to yourself, I'm very capable, if I'm calm only a trained eye would ever guess I'm Aspie. 

    I guess I expected to be overwhelmed by the new environment and exhausted by the need to interact with lots of people, but it's delivering a lot more overwhelming than I expected.

    Currently I'm off work, due to anxiety for the last 4 days, I'm kind of daunted by the prospect of going in tomorrow but I might. The short break has helped me get better perspective, I still feel very overwhelmed but I sense that if I can structure my concerns in a neurotypical compatible format I might still manage to stick it out.

    My main motivation for continuing is because I don't want to accept defeat in the eye's of my kids, coupled with the actual stress of applying for jobs with the added stress of "Why did you only stay X months at your last position?".