not knowing if i'm autistic


Im 45 suffering with depression and have felt all my life that i dont fit in!

i have never been able to fit in with social circles and when i try to chat to people i just cant hold a conversation like most people can.

i was diagnosed with dyslexia when i was young .

I've been a very angry person all my life and most people seem to stay away from me because of that!

ive been on and off of medication for depression for the last 10 years.

I've got to the point where i think that i may be autistic or something like that but im not sure how to go about finding out??

Does this sound familiar to anybody ?what can i do??

hope someone can give me some advice.... i know its a short and brief explanation but i thought just the key points may ring some bells..

thank you in advance!


  • hi mark my adult son went to his gp and asked if he could be reffered for an assessment, he was given a questioner to fill in at home, and then returned it, the gp then reffered him for an assessment,it took  a while however he was diagnoised with autism, which has helped him to get support in managing his anxietys and to understand how his autism affects him

  • Start by visiting NAS' diagnosis web page:

    Then you might want to take a look at the Royal College of General Practitioners' relevant web pages:

  • Have you completed the Autism Questionnaire?

    There is one for Aspergers too, along with ADHD,and Dyspraxia, etc,etc.I don't think you should regard them as being definitive but you should get a rough idea and it is something to mention to your GP should you decide to go for an assessment.

    Sorry to hear about your depression-it is the isolation and disconnectedness I imagine, I had that a lot when younger but grew inured to it-which is fortunate as I no longer get lonely, it is "safer" too because I don't put myself through the agonies of trying to fit in with yet another new set of people only to hind myself rejected or that the strain of trying to appear normal gets too much.

    I am 59 now, I wish I had learned about my condition earlier so that I may have been able to pick up some useful strategies for social situations, I had more or less abandoned the idea of making friends- a lot because I felt such a failure too but I am forcing myself to forgive my own failings and accept that there was not much I could have done differently as i was in so much ignorance of what made me tick, I can't allow myself just to cop out like that any longer and will definitely try to get to know a few people.

    You are a lot younger and will find making ground in that direction a lot easier so I urge you to try your very best, get your diagnosis so that you are sure of your starting point and hopefully things will improve for you.

    Very best wishes.