I'm really hoping someone can help me?

So I'm going forward for an ASD Diagnosis.  I am convinced that I have Aspergers.  I'm waiting on an appointment from [removed by moderator].
I'm 43 by the way so this is a kind of 'late diagnosis' and last year I got diagnosed with ADHD as well but ADHD doesn't quite explain the other stuff that is going on for me which now I am medicated shows much more!
So I paid privately for an HCPC reg Adult Educational Psychologist to test my IQ.  It's high and I knew it was but there is a problem.  There is significant discrepancy.  So in my verbal scores my results are in the 96th percentile which puts me in the 'very superior' category but there is a discrepancy of 21 points to my non verbal results which are on the 73rd percentile.
The EP says:

A difference between VIQ and PIQ of as much as 17 standard score points(in favour of former)  is relatively uncommon and would be found in only about 10% of the population.

My discrepancy is higher than 17 it's 21.  So I googled that exact statement and all that keeps coming up is 'learning disability' specifically HFA, Aspergers and something called NLD.  ADHD also gets mentioned but much less.
So I just want to know really would that discrepancy in IQ be typical for someone with Aspergers/Autism and what do you guys make of it.
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