I'm really hoping someone can help me?

So I'm going forward for an ASD Diagnosis.  I am convinced that I have Aspergers.  I'm waiting on an appointment from [removed by moderator].
I'm 43 by the way so this is a kind of 'late diagnosis' and last year I got diagnosed with ADHD as well but ADHD doesn't quite explain the other stuff that is going on for me which now I am medicated shows much more!
So I paid privately for an HCPC reg Adult Educational Psychologist to test my IQ.  It's high and I knew it was but there is a problem.  There is significant discrepancy.  So in my verbal scores my results are in the 96th percentile which puts me in the 'very superior' category but there is a discrepancy of 21 points to my non verbal results which are on the 73rd percentile.
The EP says:

A difference between VIQ and PIQ of as much as 17 standard score points(in favour of former)  is relatively uncommon and would be found in only about 10% of the population.

My discrepancy is higher than 17 it's 21.  So I googled that exact statement and all that keeps coming up is 'learning disability' specifically HFA, Aspergers and something called NLD.  ADHD also gets mentioned but much less.
So I just want to know really would that discrepancy in IQ be typical for someone with Aspergers/Autism and what do you guys make of it.
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  • Hi mummytosix! I also have this what we call a verbal-performance gap, I believe. my performance IQ is also more than 20 points lower. One of my nephews, who hasn't got a formal diagnosis but seems very typically aspergers has the gap the other way round (he has very good mathematical ability but has real verbal issues, slow to put things in to words). So I guess the gap can go both ways?

    I also had one therapist tell me I had NLD. I think I was told that NLD is a more neurological diagnosis whereas ASD is a more behavioural diagnosis (but I might be wrong). and that very many people with ASD have NLD. A bit like we also can have dyspraxia and ADHD with ASD. 

    I think it is important this gap, because it causes great frustration and misunderstanding. Like for me: I am good at talking, but I find it very hard to DO and plan stuff (very poor executive function).  I got a LOT of criticism at school, for being sloppy, untidy, forgetful, not doing stuff, not being able to do arts and crafts, or sports (spatial insight !) . So people think I am lazy. People think my desk is untidy because I want an untidy desk or can't be bothered. Whereas my nephew is excellent at seeing how to do things, how to make things is an expert at following tedious lego instructions and can build intricate model planes but he has a really hard time talking about it.

    So yes, I think these verbal-performance gaps are a very important part of these issues. Everyone with ASD is quite different though.

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