Thought Experiment - 'The Matrix Dilemma'

Okay, so just a little thought experiment to get you clever and creative folks discussing...

Morpheus sits you down and places a small green pill in front of you saying how it will instantly and painlessly 'cure' you of your autism, giving you the neurotypicality you would've had from birth, had things been different.

Do you take the pill?

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  • I would be curious to know what kind of difference there was in perception if it was temporary. I am not sure a pill could change the ways of a lifetime though. 

    I did read that there is actually a pill that does not make you 'normal.' What it does is 'make' you temporarily psychopathic. It is supposed to be quite a buzz to have it, it removes a sense of guilt, you become super confident, super persuasive and more willing to take risks. 

    I wonder how many people overall would be queuing up to take something that would make them feel less like an inhibited mortal and more like a charming predator capable of evil. 

    Sounds like the dark Gift minus the immortality....

    BTW my scores online scores for psychopathy were virtually zero and I was advised not to assume all people are good. But well, I know that alas.....