Thought Experiment - 'The Matrix Dilemma'

Okay, so just a little thought experiment to get you clever and creative folks discussing...

Morpheus sits you down and places a small green pill in front of you saying how it will instantly and painlessly 'cure' you of your autism, giving you the neurotypicality you would've had from birth, had things been different.

Do you take the pill?

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  • Hi and thank you for 'getting' my slightly weird analogy (normally that's when I lose people!). Part (a huge part) of why I feel so good about my diagnosis is actually you, and many of the other regulars on here! (I would name you all but I'm afraid I might forget a name, as I'm apt to do, and inadvertently hurt someone's feelings.)

    Every one of the people I've 'met' on here has been a huge help in allowing me to finally recognise myself, that's never happened for me before and it's given me the confidence to express myself more openly than I usually would with other people. Reading the things, serious and funny and everything in-between, you all post has actually made me feel at home among a group of people for probably the first time in my life - so if I sound encouraging or inspirational it's really a reflection of everything you've all given me. Thank you all! 

    The only time (other than as a teenager) that I experienced real depression was post-natal and so I do know what that feels like and wouldn't wish it on anyone. For me, medication didn't help. I tried it twice out of desperation and ended up basically being left to sort it out myself. Eventually (two years later) I came to the conclusion that if the medication wasn't delivering a dose of 'happy' every day, I'd make a point of taking a dose of home-made 'happy' every day - like a daily challenge to myself. One day it might be a walk in the park, another a cream cake, another a bubble-bath or, one that still brings a smile to my face, going out a walk with my toddler daughter and making a point of jumping into every puddle we could find! (It was ridiculously brilliant fun :) )

    Although I've not suffered from depression since then, anytime I feel a bit down or stressed I still 'prescribe' myself that daily dose of 'happy' even if it means rearranging my plans to do so - because it IS important. These days it could be an entire day in pyjamas and telling the family I'm having a day off (ie. if you want to eat sort out your own food), rolling on the floor with my silly dog, eating only junk food for the whole day, or buying myself a new notepad (I know, not everyone's 'happy' but I just love the feeling of a brand new notepad with pristine smooth pages).

    Obviously I would never suggest that someone abandon their medication (clearly not safe without a doctor monitoring it) but it certainly doesn't do any harm to add your own home-made medications of whatever things make you happy - every single day as if it really is a prescription! Because, well, why not? 

    P.s. one of my new 'happy' doses is actually logging on here  :)