Thought Experiment - 'The Matrix Dilemma'

Okay, so just a little thought experiment to get you clever and creative folks discussing...

Morpheus sits you down and places a small green pill in front of you saying how it will instantly and painlessly 'cure' you of your autism, giving you the neurotypicality you would've had from birth, had things been different.

Do you take the pill?

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  • This is all fascinating. So, thank you.

    Being only one year post-diagnosis, it's something I'm still coming to terms with. After all, autism wasn't even on my radar before!

    I've read so many things on this forum, and indeed, as per your replies to this post, you all seem to perceive autism as a 'good' thing - you've all somehow managed to integrate it as a valued part of your psyche. This is also something various counsellors and professionals have told me, that I'm seeing it (like so many other things) as a negative (my argument would be that I've just spent the better part of four decades being conditioned by Neurotypical propaganda, being trained to unquestionably consider such things as 'defects', so it's gonna take a while).

    But, when I compare my life to my Neurotypical peers, I still can't but help think that yes, I would take the pill to 'cure' me. I'd love to fit into their world - to function within the established norm. My apologies if that makes me a traitor to the cause.

    Of course, seeing how you guys and gals have come to regard it as something precious and good, it makes me ask how you did that, and how long it took to get to that point? Care to provide any tips on how best to come to terms with autism, and 'own' it?