confussed would like some advise

Hi i am hopeful someone may be able to help, i went to my doctor yesterday to discuss the possibilitys of me having aspergers/autisum.  She was not of clear speaking english and all I picked up from the converstion was she needs more evidence and that I have already been to the phyciatrist when just had my son so was pediactric phyciatrist. and that if i did have it she would of picked up on it and i would already have a diagnosis.

I disagree and up to 6 months ago had never really had much to do with anyone or anything to do with the disorder, April last year my 2 yr old son started nursery and straight away they wanted to refer him to speach and language. I said no at the time he a 2 year old and no need to panic he will do it in his own time. They promptend me again not long after saying they have concerns, so I said if you feel there is a problem then yes as if there is I want my son to have the best start possible.  Speech and lanuage came out did a few assessment over nursery and home vists and the lady said she thinks there is more to it. The lady who did the final assement on him I think was a bit fearful of her life as he is very dog orintate and she was ilergic to dogs so asked for the dog to be put somewere else. fair to say her threw stuff at her randomly throught the visit tryed kicking her and would generaly not engage at all and left it at he will be put on to the waiting list for theraphy and get that getting to know me form to the gp asap, which i did.

On reading up about autisum I have noticed that it describes me down to a t, and also seem to have a fair few traits of PDA.  I have never felt like I fully fitted in in social circles and often don't really care would sooner be out walking with my dogs. I am self-employed, single parent and run my own buisness and do struggle with the communication to my customers at times espeshily in awkwark sittuatons.  Brillent with numbers but rubbish at spelling as you can probley tell. I have been known on more than one occassion in social sittuations to get myself into alot of trouble with the law and people you dont want to be messing with although i sorted him was not so big after i knocked him out infront of all him mates.  I either walk away from situations with out saying nothing or fight with out saying nothing as i don't quite know how to deal with things like that, and I also hate it when people are watching me it makes me shut down.  I have been struggling for sometime to be able to understand things that have happened through my life with no sense of why it has, i struggle to take information in quick and need time to process things or i missinterprite things.I have been on anti deprssednse and axiety pills, different onesthrought out the years but feel none of it really helps and in general i do feel worse when taking them.

sorry for the babble but i thought i did owe a brief explanation of my situation, what is the best way to approch the gp with this??  as in have i got to write my whole life down explaining what has happened as in the evidence she want. She very much baffeled me and it made me feel completely stupid when I came out for just not understanding what she wants me to do or the type of eveidence she wants. Really hope someone can point me in the right direction thankyou in advance.