Autism Arts Event, a bit about me

Hi all,

My name is David and I was diagnosed with autism when I was 7 and now I'm working as an assistant Psychologist for an autism organisation in Scotland. I'd love to share my whole story, but thats not the point of this post. 

Through my position here I am now organising an event celebrating the amazing and unique skills of us with autism. To do this we are hosting an event where we have professional musicians who are autistic, many artists with autism, speakers with autism and more. Its going to be an amazing event but I was wondering if any of you were interested in sharing your art or talent with us? 

We can't afford to subsidise travel I'm afraid, so it would be at your own cost to partake, but you are allowed to sell your artworks, tapes of your music or just yourselves while at the event. If you are an artist who wants to partake but cannot travel to the event, we will happily display works on your behalf. 

If you're interested, the event will be on the 14th of April in Dundee. If you have a talent and want to share, send me an email on 

Also if you don't have a talent you wish to share, but want to attend the event, also send me an email on and I will add you to our mailing list once we have more details! 

Comment or ask me any questions!