(HFA) Asperger's doesn't exist in rural areas?

Since my recent Asperger's diagnosis I've been trying to learn as much about it / myself as possible but I just keep coming across the same introductory information on the subject again and again across the internet and in every booklet and leaflet available. I just want to speak to someone about it, to question a little deeper than the same regurgitated information and TO FIND OUT WHERE I GO FROM HERE!

I've called several of the helplines asking for information (At least the NAS one replied, unfortunately the information pack was just another repeat of the exact same information.) but I'm just told to wait for a call back which never comes - unless it's normal to wait weeks for said call back? 

There are absolutely no services relating to (older) adult Asperger's anywhere near where I live! This is crazy considering there ARE in fact services for children and younger adults (up to aged 25) or for those requiring services such as supported accommodation. 

If I was diagnosed with just about anything else I would receive a prescription or health advice or referral to appropriate services or, at the very least, an Elastoplast!! Is it normal to be simply dropped into a void like this? Is a secret element of Asperger's that it only affects people living in cities? (Because I don't remember reading THAT anywhere!) This online community is the most help I've found and although I'm so grateful to have found it (on my own, by accident) it's not the place for obtaining the type of personalised information I need most. Everyone else seems to have access to courses and groups and something called PIP and, well, just support to understand what comes after diagnosis. Since finding this online community I've actually felt a lot better, more comfortable, with my diagnosis as I'm seeing that there are lots of people out there like me after all (which is a huge relief) but I seem to be the only one living in the entire North of Scotland!?!? Doubtful as that seems, it's the only rational explanation for the complete lack of services. 

I don't regret for a minute that I have this diagnosis, it explains everything, but the advice to "Get a Diagnosis" as it will "allow you to access the services / support / information available to help" definitely doesn't seem to apply if that diagnosis turns out to be HFA / Asperger's.       


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  • I also believe that those holding the purse strings deliberately use our high intelligence against us.

    The problem is that HFA turns educational theory on its head and society hasn't moved forwards and factored it into the system yet. IMO AS and HFA is where IQ tests fail. Another problem is that far too many children and adults fail to master basic primary school level literacy and numeracy, which is deemed to be a more pressing issue, resulting in people with HFA being victims of a numbers game. Without sounding racist or xenophobic, mass immigration hasn't helped because it has resulted in Britain having to deal with large numbers of people who's knowledge of English is very limited. There have even been cases of parents of children with ASD who voted Leave in the referendum simply because of large numbers of eastern European children at their school which are diverting resources away from British children with SEN.

    I'm constantly seeing NAS related and other groups raising funds for autism, but what exactly does the money go on?  I don't see any of it coming the way of HFA and AS adults. 

    I want to know as well apart from six figure salaries for senior officials and glitzy events that people with HFA or AS do not benefit from. As I have previously mentioned, nearly 90% of the money the NAS receives comes from the government and it's ringfenced for specific individuals or projects. The remaining 10% is still much greater than independent ASD support groups receive but they often provide better and more focused services on a shoestring. The NAS is not a charity that I would recommend people with HFA or AS, or parents of children with the condition, give money to.