Update- "Am I really that Different?"

So I came on here last time, with the struggle and expectation to make friends under the thread "Am I really that different?" Or something along the lines of that.

I started counselling just before the last post, its been very useful. I found it to be quite satisfying, in the way that it made me accept myself, even some of my flaws, I'm 7 (1 hour) sessions in. I feel like i can talk about how i feel without the fear of being ridiculed, and without most of the small talk that you usually get.

I lost a NT friend recently, he started taking drugs (bad ones like Coke, and Heroin.), I'd known him years, but i felt completely useless, as he went down a path i felt i couldn't really join him. It was sad, but i cut him out- as it was quite the toxic relationship as he was getting worse. I worry about him, but I realise, sometimes you have to help yourself.

I also got the news I'll be moving house again at the end of February, after my 6 month private tenancy got ended there. Change is (extrememly) difficult, and life seems to be getting me down a lot more but then i know I'll be fine, I've been looking into new places that I'd be interested in. None seem to fit my idea of a home so far. 

Since last time, I've stopped going to Nightclubs, they're not nice environments really, specially for making friends; without the persona, I felt i needed to fit in (which i mentioned in last thread) I've been making a lot more friends, which has been very cool. Since last time I read a book recommended by someone in the last thread- "Games People Play: The Psychology Of Human Relationships" by Eric Berne. Which i found to be especially interesting except it was quite complex. I've found myself trying to distract myself from life deeply in video games, aiming to 100% them within the space of 4 days- 55 hours. I've been struggling to sleep, which is making me ill physically.

Guess I need to get back in routine to feel better really. So yeah... 

-Side Note- I read all the comments in last thread: I really appreciate the kindness and advise... Some people offering to be friends as well... Which I'd love to take up at some point, but at the moment, I'd like to focus more on myself.. and Less socialising since it can be stressful for me. I would love to reply to all the comments, but some i found i was at a lack of words.

  • Hi Foyster,

    I too read that book about ten years ago when attending a counselling course (which I failed to pass!!) I found it fascinating I must say.

    "The Divided Self" by R D Laing also has interesting theories he developed about addictions and how to treat them. To replace the satisfaction a drug user gets from his/her chosen drug with an equal or higher satisfaction is the only way to ensure a long term cure.

    In most successful cures he studied the best method was to put the addict in charge of counselling other addicts thus giving them a purpose in life and satisfaction from helping others.

    Recreational drugs have been defined as "performance replacing drugs" as opposed to "performance enhancing drugs" used by elite athletes and highly successful people to enhance their success rates.

    Take care , Laddie.