Difficult to write this

Hi everyone. (Sorry to bring the mood down) Most of you know I posted another thread about a housing situation which I obviously doing really well with. Now I have a completely different situation and I need advice on how to cope. My mum died last night erm as you can obviously understand the family are in complete shock (as well as me) I've had some challenges before but this is the ultimate challenge. How do I deal with this? 

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  Was it something that was expected?  Even so, it's still a terrible shock.

    I lost my own mother this year.  It was expected, though she carried on for far longer than we all thought.  Like you, it was my ultimate challenge.  I couldn't imagine what my life would be like beyond it.  Looking back, I still find it remarkable how resilient I've been.  But grief is different for everyone, and it can strike us when we least expect it.  So your experience might be quite different.  Lots of things helped me.  Finding signs - coincidences though they might have been - that she was still 'there' in some way.  Keeping her things around me.  Writing about her life.  And talking to people - especially on here.  Like I said, we all deal with it differently.  But talking helps a great deal, I think.  My local hospice runs a bereavement group, which I attended.  That, too, helped tremendously. 

    How supportive are your family?  Do you have close friends you can turn to? 

    Keep talking.  And take good care of yourself.  That's also important.

    My thoughts are with you.