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  • I'm wondering if the NAS website designers are autistic perhaps? That would be a good thing, I guess. Maybe the person who made the Sign In thing always changes from their walking shoes into the office shoes while signing in, which takes 11.5 seconds and therefore signing in has to take that long, otherwise no work can be done in the wrong shoes.

    And signing in when prompted - well, someone suggested there should be such an option, so that's how that button came about, they didn't specifically say it should work, let alone that it should take you back to where you were before without deleting what you have written. The Sign In designer never understood what the reason for this would be because they sign in the moment they go online, always.

    Somehow I believe to remember that the new website was supposed to be optimised for use on phones (maybe I'm wrong?), but those that designed it do perhaps not agree with everyone walking around with their head down, bumping into other phone users or lamp posts or, worse yet, into cars, so this is meant to act as a gentle reminder that smartphones come with some pitfalls and risks. 

    Joking a bit, but not entirely...

  • I think the first thing is to say that we're still here and listening

    Apart from what's referred to here as the previous thread, we're still working through comments in threads such as this. In particular, that raised problems in identifying the authors of posts, and conversely finding authors' other posts, and so on. When we investigated, we found that the software we're using had gone through quite a major rebuild and upgrade. Unfortunately, that did introduce one or two issues in this area (of authors and their posts). So, rather than try to change things ourselves, we concluded that the right thing to do was to install the latest (minor) upgrade, and check what that resolved. I'm about to test that now (on our test system).

    I'm sorry that these things take time, and we have to fit them in alongside other, unrelated, work on our family of sites.

    Regarding oktanol's comment above about sign ins, I've been trying to reproduce that problem. I have not been able to do so. The principle is that you shouldn't be able to post a message until you are signed in - so you shouldn't lose the message during the sign-in process. Please let me know what I've missed if that is what is happening to you. To be able to reproduce it, I really need to know the exact sequence of steps (e.g. where you start your message, which button you use to sign in, what you see, and so on).

    The sign-in process is not specifically part of the Community. We have a single sign-on system covering this Community, the main WWW site and (for professionals who work with autism) Network Autism. The idea is that you can sign in once and use all the sites. We know it's not perfect - for example, sign-ins last longer on the Community than on the WWW site - and that's something else we've got on the list to look at. Hopefully, though, it's less confusing than remembering separate sign-ins for each site.

    What I did find in testing for oktanol's issue is a possibly-related one affecting sign-ins via the Reply button. We're working on that too. Hopefully the fix for that one won't be long.

    Keep the ideas coming!