Difficulty recognising people

Hi, I have always had problems recognising people out of context, even if I know them quite well, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice which could help me. I can usually recognise an acquaintance if they're dressed differently but in the same place I am used to seeing them in (e.g. work) or sometimes if they're dressed the same as when I last saw them but in a different location. I have to know someone really well before I can identify them anywhere. Of course, some people have been too much offended by me not knowing them already to ever get to the "knowing well" stage. Sorry to ramble on, but hope someone can help because this is one of my most frequent social faux pas.

  • I wonder if this is a problem with information processing in the brain. 

    I have this problem as well, I don't see or recognise people, or I see people and wonder where I have seem them before and after a long while realise it is someone at work who works at the next desk!

    I even have problems when I have to meet someone I know at a station for example.  They don't immediately stand out and I can end up looking 'through' them and not recognising them.

  • There's a name for it, which I can't remember off the top of my head. One of my old bosses got me to do a test for it, which you can do on line. I scored on the low end which made me borderline for the condition. I don't know how it was borderline though because I often don't recognise people and often offend people because of it. 

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    I Post here, because I have this great trouble (irritation) also... but cannot Post much more just now. One term for it is PROSOPAGNOSIA (Greek - Prosopo=face, A=anti, Gnosia= comprehend. More-Or-Less.). Prosopagnosia is supposedly common to persons with ASDs... supposedly.

  • http://www.bbk.ac.uk/psychology/psychologyexperiments/experiments/facememorytest/startup.php   I scored 54 at this at the first attempt. For me  the score improved with repeated attempts . I think because the faces became more familiar.

  • Welcome to the club

    I've great difficulty recognising faces and rendering people's names.  And it gets very embarrassing when someone greets me and I have no idea who they or where they know me from.

    To counteract the problem I make a great deal of effort to look for distinguishing features on their faces.  The good news is that they mistake it for eye contact.