Are you a parent of a child who has been bullied because of them having autism?


My name is Jonathan and I am a volunteer at the anti-bullying organisation 'Ditch the Label' (DTL). Alongside helping individuals being bullied in many ways through campaigns and fundraisers, DTL also provides support through help guides which tackle various issues related to bullying. 

I am interested in speaking to parents of individuals who have autism and have been bullied because of it. I would like to create help guides to help other parents through issues like this.

If you are interested, please comment below so we can work on getting your story out there.

Together, we can help to tackle the issues that lead to people with autism being bullied, and create a global positive change.

-Jonathan :) 

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  • Hello JonathanDTL,

    I appreciate your good intentions in trying to help autistic young people who are being bullied. An online resource for them is a splendid idea. I checked out the DTL web site, as a person on the spectrum I found it far too ‘noisy and busy’ to feel comfortable spending any time on. I would suggest that you create a  web page for young people on the spectrum that is far calmer - sensory wise - and allow them to express themselves in safety. Good luck with your mission.

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