Sleep - GP Hell

Not had good time a my GP. Been told by I dont have Autism. Then showed copy of my NHS diagnosis letter. I thought that was sorted that out.

Then tried to explane that I can not get to sleep and keep awaking up at night. The GP wouldn't have any off it. The GP told me it "Life Choices" that sleepy. By that point I just was not getting anywhere with the GP. 

So do you know where I can get information on sleep problems with Autism.

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  • I have always had difficulty with sleeping and, like yourself, my GP wasn’t interested in the matter. They talked about sleep cleansing even though I already did everything they suggested and they told me I should get up and read and then go back to bed when I started to fall asleep, obviously not realising that I can quite easily go 3 or 4 days with no sleep at all and doing boring things doesn’t make me any more tired! I got sleeping tablets once but they didn’t help at all.

    I would say try a different GP first, but if you are getting nowhere look at alternative options such as private treatment or holistic options. For me personally I learnt to meditate and that has helped me massively when I’ve been struggling to get to sleep. I appreciate this sort of thing isn’t for everyone however. Try asking your GP for a list of all of the treatments you could try to help you sleep and if they don’t work or they won’t give you them then then I would suggest looking for help elsewhere as above. This appears to be something that is really affecting you, so make as much clear to your GP and don’t let this lie.

    As for information on sleep and autism, I think caretwo has covered this well.

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