Claiming ESA and PIP diagnosed with Aspergers

Has anyone diganosed with Autism or Aspergers been sucessful in their claim with ESA or PIP? I claimed PIP but I wasn't sucessful I am going through the appeal process. 

I have since found too, I could quite possibly be entiled to ESA as how much my aspergers impacts my life in so many ways going back as far as pre-school. 

Does anyone have any experiences advice or pointers that they could give me. I have read online there is a certain group you have to go to if you claim ESA can the DWP do that with someone with aspergers Syndrome is claiming? As part of their disablity is socializing, change, things out of the blue and coping with life outside of the house. 

Thank you.

  • Hi I get both ESA and DLA(previous to PIP).  I have done for a long time, even before the Autism diagnosis, as I need support to do things.  Read the forms well and be brutally honest.  If you can't do something without support or someone with you then tell them in your own words, giving them an idea of what you go through.

    I have been on DLA for about 10 years, I was on a lifetime award. I'm dreading the new PIP form when it drops through the letter box.  It is supposed to turn up sometime now - I dread seeing the postman coming to our flat!

    Hope you get wht you need.


  • The lovely woman who dealt with my assessment suggested I look into the possibility of PIP. The form landed last Friday.

    She also indicated that forms like these are poorly set up to take into account conditions like AS, thus many people struggle to complete them accurately. For someone like me, who over-analyses every last word and is compulsively honest and forthright, I immediately worried that this would become my problem.

    She directed us to a disability support group who actually have experience in helping claimants fill in forms or dealing with DWP, so... There is hope for me yet.

    I'm so sorry to hear you've been refused and forced down the the route of appealing. Are there any similar services local to you who might be able to advise you or back your claim? 

  • Hi,

    Yes, I have Asperger's and claiming both ESA and PIP.  Don't worry about the PIP, I am confident you will get it.  They reject a very high percentage of first time applicants.  You can appeal and score more points in areas you think they applied too low a point for.  You can go to your local autism centre to help you with this.  I am from Glasgow and we have an organisation called the ARC (Autism Resource Centre) run by Glasgow City Council Social Work Department.  If you have a place like that in your area, go there and they will help you with your appeal form. 

    To appeal for my PIP, i was fortunate that the Maggie's Centre in Glasgow helped me with my appeal form.  They scored me too low in communication as they thought as i was perfectly articulate and had the impression that I found socialising easy which is not the case and has been prevalent since pre-school too as i didnt mix with other kids at nursery and had melt-downs and had to be taken out of nursery as I did not cope.  I struggle with employment to this day and struggled at school.  Just beef those things up, about communication, socialisation, even carrying out domestic chores, that you need support with that. 

    With ESA, I am on the Work Programme - you have to go to a place called Ingeus.  It is unfortunate but they put you in that if you can work in the future.  Explain you have asperger's and bring a chaperon if you wish to explain to the advisor about Asperger's.  I have quite a sympathetic advisor who does not pressurise me.  You are in no obligation to go to the group workshops.  You can say that that would overwhelm you.  You must attend the meeting with your advisor though, that is mandatory or they could sanction your ESA.

    Anymore information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    PS.  When awarded PIP, you will get backdated money from the date of your first claim for it.  PIP also entitles you to a disabled railcard to travel around the UK by train for a third off all fares and entitles you to bring a companion with you for the same fare.  Also with PIP, you are entitled to a concessionary bus pass.

  • Hi everyone thank you all for your advice sorry I haven't answered sooner. 

  • As this thread is quite recent, I am also trying to claim ESA and PIP due to my aspergers as members of my family says their work friends son/daughters have it and they claim it, but I don't understand why i'm not allowed it, the government/DWP have integrated a new system where you need to get a fit-note from a doctor and get it to the DWP, they asked me recently to get one, and asked my doctor for one, they say I am fully capable of looking for work, my social skills aren't that great and I can't really work with people, have what you call an internal mental breakdown every so often which can't be seen by others so they assume that I take things well, also suffer from anxiety, GAD, depression and other stuff.

    PIP is sort of in a better position, I only have to do an assessment as opposed to a fit-note which hopefully should go well, I think i'll only score points on the communication and dealing with other people components, and not the budgeting/financial side of it. As i've seen many people getting rejected even when they are more severely disabled than I am, it doesn't make me much confident.