I don't know if I'm fit enough to be a nurse because of my asd

Hello my name's Rachel I've made a few posts on here before.Long story short I want to be a pediatric nurse I have been a carer since leaving college and my dream is to be a nurse. I have just receny gone back to college to do a 6 week pre access course the course is dead easy and if I pass I can go on to access to health and apply to go to uni to do my nursing and I really thought I was readyow i'm not so sure.today I came home from work as a carer felt really tired had food and a few drinks to chill out and was watching a good film. Then my mum got up and starteled our 17 year old dog e. Joe almost got put down in march as he became very ill but luckily he pulled through since then I've grown 9her protective of him as her is a very old now and dogs don't live forever. Any becausef his old age he has lost his hearing so if you walk past he gets up and starts to go for you but stops before he bites. So when my mum walked passed he got startled and my dad went mental with him and my mum shout at my dad and my dad has a go at me I scream at him and I smacked him on his leg then ran off. I am not a violent person but my dad smacked me as a child whenever I shouted and I d know why I did it but I did.How can I be a nurse if I smack people I deal with people like that all the time most of them have dementia and they don't mean it and I'd never hurt them but why tonighand how can I be a nurse looking after sick children if I've smacked my dad

  • From starting your Access to Health course to you finishing your degree is a good few years, so you'll have plenty of time to work on things like this and learn better ways of managing your emotions at difficult times.

    You've already made an excellent start by identifying why you react like this (being hit as a child when you misbehaved) and by identifying the types of (highly stressful) situations where you copy this behaviour AND - the biggest part of all, by wanting to change this aspect of your own behaviour! Well done! 

    You have already started the process of changing this type of behaviour / reaction in yourself and over the next few years you can certainly progress even more in teaching yourself new ways of dealing with these types of high-stress situations. Especially with your nursing ambitions as such a positive reason for making these changes.  

  • At the age of 24, and in a rage, I struck my dad across the back with a walking stick.  It is the one and only time in my life I've ever used physical violence against anyone, and I hugely regret it.

    We later ended up good mates, though, and it was forgotten.

    And I now work in care.

    I agree that university will probably be the best thing for you.  It was, without doubt, the most important thing I ever did.

  • Hi there, I can relate to going down the 'Heath & Social Care' sector. It is a tough situation to be in especially when it seems like your treading in eggshells. It might be worth seeing a Careers Advisor potentially or seeing someone within the field for more information. It is challenging when to deal with our behaviours, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Considering you are trying to come to terms with day to day life, relationships, career, employment etc. It is worth reminding yourself that you have come so far and you have a lot to be proud of. Taking into consideration, your predicament as a Carer you have done exceptionally well an have exceeded yourself and others. 

    From my experience, whilst at a voluntary organisation during my placement for working with young children with autism (or for me high functioning autism). It was challenging at first but you soon realise that all the work you put in comes into use. As well as, gaining confidence, much need skills and more. There, was times during my placement I want to retaliate but I held on, I had to prove to myself and others there that I have good morals, respect, dignity, patience, understanding amongst other attributes.

    I previously studied 'The Principles of Dementia Care Level 2', 'Adult Social Care Level 2', 'Health & Social Care Level 2 Extended Certificate'. Also within my spare time attended a few workshops within the specific field(s), did a little extra research. It is about quality not quantity.

    I am not familiar with owning a pet but it might be worth seeing a pet expert or if unsure look online for some tips or guides. Overall, rekindling the relationship between animal and owner. You have come a long way to where you are now don't deprive or self sabotage your potential. It might be worth taking some time out for yourself to do self-affirmations or use of meditation or breathing techniques.