Self Injurious Behaviour (SIB)

I would just like to thank everyone who has read and commented on our last posts. I have only one more question. SIB... Some of our students engage in SIB from time to time and in times of distress and overwhelm. 

We have figured what's causing it for most, needs not getting met, over stimulated, under stimulated, bored and communication. For most of the students we know what can help and do our best. But, for Riley, I know it seems pike we are picking her but we are just baffled and confused, we don't know what to do. 

Today, she has gone home with bite marks on her hands. She didn't come to school with them, so it happened at school. She was very overwhelmed today and was close to exploding but she kept it in and under control. Staff had an eye on her at all times, but somehow she manged to bite herself. We aren't sure when yet but we will do our best to figure things out and what triggered it. 

SIB is very common for Riley, more than the other students, so our responses change. She will headbang, bite, pull her hair nearly ripping it out, punch things and herself, and eat inedible objects. We will say stop or redirect her, if she's headbanging, we will use our hand to block or a cushion or mat. If she's biting, we will get her chew and hold her hands to block this, if she doesn't manage to bite, we have no choice but the pinch her nose so she stops, but that's last case scenario which we've only had to do once. We do everything to keep her safe, but the more people there is or if we try stopping her, the worse the SIB and she gets even more agitated so it's difficult. What else could we do to help, new tactics and support to put in place. 

  • We al know that so many things could be responsible if the key is centred around triggering. Knowing that several suggestions are likely to come forth, i might draw attention to the growing phenomenon of students being triggered by events taking place on social media. It could be in the morning, it could be the night before. It does happen, you can all have a bad day due to this source of unrest. I'm not sure what the answer is given that by implication, this is an area private to them unless they'd share. Maybe there is a calling for some kind of mechanism specifically so they can ease any burden caused via SM confidentially.

  • Most of the students don't have social media but the ones that do, will tell us about an issue, and there is an adult they trust who they will tell. If not there is a school counsellor who comes in  who they can talk to. 

    I know some triggers are because of something happening outside of school, I know that's the case with a lot of the students, they've had a bad night or morning and come to school tired or upset. 

    Rileys SIB is more severe than the other students, I understand for all of them its severe and needs to be taken seriously which it is, but Riley will do anything to cause harm to herself. For example, months ago, she was constantly headbanging and biting, we had to hold her for 30 minutes or more until we have a safe room to let go. We had a pillow to block her headbanging the wall but she did everything to get rid of the pillow, she would move to another spot, drop to the floor to use the floor, head bang the staff next to her. 

    She really tries to inflict pain to herself when distressed, but other students will aswell but if we block them, they will use the cushion to headbang so it's easier to deal with. 

  • Yes i hear you and sense that your dedication to the task continues. 

    Its peer to peer conflict mostly if there is a problem in SM. With stranger danger though the most fearful of occurrences is not really a common denominator, whilst peer to peer social conflict can be.

    I found recently that several schools were limited to stranger danger concepts and were not very well identifying violations of social norms on SM platforms. In that sense the attitude was identical to that we'd understand for the open portion of society, and that response is somewhat bizarre., This meant those schools knew almost nothing concerning the real nature of the students SM society. Furthermore they were dealing with matters using sanctions that one might should incidents have happened in the playground in 3D. All very well, but this also meant that the distraction could rumble on beneath the surface, and that extended student on student conflict could take place.  Yes - one does have to ask shall we be developing psychic skills. In the absence of that there are up to date matters to list in the probability of things. One also has to question to what degree it should be known what happens in private. It depends if it is private, what we are actually speaking of is public but out of sight much of the time. Furthermore it matters not one with what the mode of adversity is, should it be affecting a student negatively & is anti social.

    By virtue of researching a quality of life paper for almost two years, have seen SIB happen purely linked to trivial matters on SM several times recently. It is possible your school management need to update its beliefs in this area. I'd certainly not assume that no peer to peer pressure is present. I'd also question whether staff would know about such things right away by a kind of default ? Often there can be much anti social behaviour going on between students in todays social media exchanges. Some of it are low level forms of social blackmail linked to words & phrases a student has used if they were types not considered acceptable. Much of it is teasing with respect to gender fluidity and so on, and i found that schools tended to be behind on this kind of SM outlook. This By that i'm not saying student on student adversity exists in your case, just that it is a common social phenomena now. One student broke down because another was spreading rumours on SM about their supposed BO and smelly clothes for example. Students can be brutal outside of their known persona on SM, & in that sense they only share a known effect. The trouble is that frustration and bad behaviour is spilling out in buckets from the adult world. I often find it hard to see how we as a society are going to appease much more of the NT (and ASD lets face it ) juvenile style behaviour on that societal level.  We expect to clutter developing minds with complex social rules and concepts that have hidden key purposes & much extra (and seemingly) irrational boundary conditions., whilst often the young impulse is to find a place to emulate that in a kangaroo fashion = practice acting like adults. Ofc there is social corruption among students in SM  if few adults will behave themselves in the world at large. You good people in schools are expected to perform miracles & it is difficult for you all..

    I'd not be confident your good selves do have a modern grasp of the elements possible. I'm also sceptical concerning the remark that most of your students are not using SM. Certainly the topic (SM) would be only one complex element out of many, but its an exceptionally motivating & powerfully negative one if it is indeed in force. The designers of our sociological tapestries do not put everything together so all things make sense. Much of social expectation is linked to structures put in place to support divide and rule politics & thus the reason odd specifics are attached will never be revealed. As such intended to encourage persons to be pathological liars for a causes well away from schools, there are many destructive elements within our own national sociological mindset like this today. These things can mutate sociologically and spread among the wider public, adults first, but eventually filtering down to children. Then we'll see how things with strongly assertive and warped narratives - perhaps bullish even - that were meant to increase the efficiency of getting thing X done in an LA, begin to manifest as social behaviours all around as if it is ok.Such phenomena is appearing among the wider public and school public like students. There is a cost to every short cut that uses forceful language. There is a cost to using doctrines that claim it is alright for authority to use dubious & forceful means of communication. That cost is that it leaks out and becomes all of society. I'm not suggesting we can fix that as an all pervading social substance. I do feel that local authority agencies that have taken to coercive pressure to minimise contact with public are not wise to unleash such attitudes. But mainly i'm pointing out that t if we are not aware of the degree to which coercive behaviour is spread around, and how it is being distributed it is a little remiss.  I'm only suggesting there is enough sociological conflict of interest related to implicit duty of care for a school to be able to decide it is not acceptable that any student be under such burden = awareness is vital.  Though it is understandable that catching up is happening since these issues are fairly new - wel if at least 7 years is new..Obviously SM disruption only happens in outbreaks and isn't in every students networks. By far not every student is intent on being disruptive with SM either. But it is a growing commonality emergent as a general concern, where at present there seems to be a educationally cultural attitude toward it that nothing can be done. when it does occur it is probably true to say that only a small group in a network ring lead, often latching on to one particular student =  mobbing = virtual bullying = hello ?

    Only this morning i was discussing the progress of a boy that slit his wrists due to matters on SM. The source of which his parents knew nothing of at the time affect took place. Additionally whilst it is true that many students will readily open up to professionals if prompted, i would have said it feels a little optimistic to believe that all are doing this as matters of course as they do not. Hence when i referred to a 'mechanism, i meant one that could scaffold a way for the students to feel more confident to speak better. But that ability is going to depend on the general awareness of how SM bullying  tends to work. Often the bully has collated examples of older texts or messages that show the victim saying things that are considered socially inappropriate. From that position if there is going to be bullying, then the bully controls that student with those foootprints.

    So how are students in that ppsition all going to reveal the problem to staff, head of year, or senco et al ?. 

    There is nothing & nobody to blame for not quite being up to date with underground social systems. But is one of the transmission potentials for affect that need to take into consideration today. Your school like others is a good school no doubt, & seeks solutions. Without much doubt it is bad news that today triggering factors can lurk in social undercurrents but there it is. 

    There is somewhat of a counter intuitive element in detecting triggers from sub culture. Naturally is undesirable to conceptualise ordinary sociological exchange in a manner that inquires into a void like we are detectives. But what else is there when nobody wants to second guess, and the educator needs the student to inform of the matter. Thus on the occasions when there is a SM linked matter, presumably we need to choose between the means to pinpoint such triggers, and the inhibitions we might feel when delving into social environments that are beyond the veil. We've no option to use pseudonyms and infiltrate, that would be a job not of any school earth and extra creepy. Such is a sick mass element in underground society, as GDPR threw everyone a well picked bone linked to spam, and took the liberty of being about to stalk everything we do online - such is this socially demented element prevalent in human life. But i digress & must not on that.  So yes we are dependent on the students informing that something is wrong you are quite right. I'd suggest that the duty of care science first requires itself to understand the group dynamics of virtual bullying. once that has been written up & shared andralogically, there would be the opportunity to be in a better position to know if such is an issue in any X case or not. I'd also say that without such school management intelligence in place, one could hardly know what specific type of educator to student inquiry is best able to trigger the need to reveal the problem. Thus as with all things hidden & to be revealed, there will be phrases that help the student feel understood better, thus able to break away from the coercive control element of that bullying.. Sometimes if our use of probability is close enough, we'll only need to not show a defensive student we are clueless. Am unstable student is far more likely to put themselves into a bout of self inflicted behaviour if stark elements of bewilderment are being illustrated by staff. The most vulnerable students have a part of their psych that acts like a village of men do in front of someone reputed to be deadly at martial art. If they find out that in fact the person isn't, they tend to respond with a incredulous way of some type - well wouldn't we all.  But in unstable students the illusion shattering effect that yet again school staff are unable 'just to know - fix; the problem is just another source of destabilisation sometimes. The whole thing isn't fair for all & this epiphenomenon unfairness to school attitude is no exception - in principle - the student isn't 'unfair' just vulnerable. But here you see is yet another obstacle, where there has to be more to be aware of IF matters linked to SM do happen to be the problem.

    SM bullies can use counter measures based on threatening expose inappropriate language the victim may have used. Like the victim might have joked once-  X person is Gay, or whatever blah blah and things can get very messed up. Naturally it is in no school or student interest to round up such a posse and exclude them all. I have seen this dealt with by delicately detaching the technical bully(s). Most of the time they are just other kids not sure what is ok and what isn't. Then moving forward with every segment whilst facilitating in what is needed by each Some schools are ok with mass exclusion & one has to wonder what they are smoking.

    However  - whatever is actually is in your students case & hope you help to find her way there somehow so that she can enjoy school & study in peace

    She really tries to inflict pain to herself when distressed, but other students will as well but if we block them, they will use the cushion to head bang so it's easier to deal with. 

    Lol well - there is no greater symbol that translates as ''i'd rather die than be misunderstood again'' than that when it comes to learning disability based autism.

    These days there is a need to be certain the students are not driving themselves around the twist in SM if they are using their heads as percussion drills. We'll see how vital that is to the smooth operations need for SEN learning as time goes on. If its there it just needs to be broken up unless someone repeatedly refuses to refrain. Assuming it is possible to communicate effectively, such  bullies should not then concern industry fodder, As social effects such incidents of are an essentially trivial form of anti social behaviour. By contradiction cause much distress. but if we do not class them in this bracket its one rule for them ( politiciuans ) and rule for students. Perpetrators can either be shown that footprints in our wondrous Ai driven world are almost admissions of anti employability insanity & sicial dysfunction or they can't. Eventually the news would reach the school if the matter is like this yes - just as you stated it shall. . But an equation exists where any affected are forced to endure until such time arrives, whilst there is no data that proves such will within reasonable time frames. What if someone is able to bully for over a year  or more ? Thus this is about evolving ways to obtain that knowledge sooner in order to minimise the trauma. But also so as to be in a position to work with any bullies sooner. Perhaps there is a kind of mass cognitive dissonance based on exclusion potentials & schools can be apprehensive concerning what cam be known through SM. There is good cause to be, that doesn't alter the way a challenging predicament can make it rationally essential. What good would a explicit admission of failure be, should only dissonance rule senses of foreboding & take control ? Like that we'd be saying athat student X cannot be assisted in case more than the school wishes to handle is uncovered. This is why a clearer statement is needed. With many schools its all brushed under the carpet until matters explode, and mass exclusions take place. 

    I feel i need to again state that the subject matter in this post is a general to the topic coincidental to a current experience. It has been entered into to share matter, and is intended for a long term improvement in knowledge linked to SM. The post does not suggest anything is relevant to student 'Riley', but states that such eventualities could be relevant to any student today.

    Footnote - although thus is the same basic post,  i noticed it was a liable to seem incoherent in some ways & edited it to improve. Take nothing personally, these things only highlight the sheer depth by which it burdens the hard working school & whereby even more. Furthermore 'virtual' forms of challenging behaviour are by their implication being somewhat unfair on an already pressurised sector.

    Thank you for taking the time to describe the students reactions in such a meticulous manner.


  • We had a different student today who had a tricky part of the day and managed to hurt his arms quite severely and has gone home in bandages. Its never been that severe before with him. 

  • Hi N9

    I have fettled the post again to read slightly better - plus there is more info in it. Can you imagine what a nightmare paper level documents are for me ?

    Then you might have to tweak up the concern lenses a half notch for rational contingency based reasons in case it is manifesting on SM. You've nothing to lose if it isn't, for consider the state of alert only means it was eliminated SM if not the case, in s state where i'd recommend it needs to be eliminated in all cases. In fact evolving perspectives would probably invigorate andralogical collaboration leading to effective  & up to date safeguarding intelligence like this so avoid the hermits torch. Safeguarding is one of the areas of school life that naturally motivates staff to go the extra mile with adult learning. I would say that 21 century safeguarding requires elements of Andragogy & that is notoriously hard to facilitate for obvious reasons. I broach it to who seems a member of the converted as your posts indicate a distinct inclination. The future is efficient adult learning inn schools - a metacognition of SEN teaching where less is more by virtue of general collaborative evolution for one thing, the unfolding of things that just happens. The other spark i'd feel is a certain impulse skill, that enables fellows to take on more information as a motivational / info affair. One has got to have the drive, and has got to feel invigorated by the substance. The other thing is that Ai is greatly misunderstood, as to most it will simply make itself apparent in the form of computerised models. There is no avoiding Ai, but one does need to see that contrary to the incredible claims there is no consciousness in Ai, it is human information ultra compacted onto todays fast drives. This is important since the concept is all gibberished with technology & neural research that hasn't happened other than rumour. But the point is - to ge to the stage where effective collaboration takes place & al can be up to spped in less stressful ways a school needs to be Ai linguistic. This needs to be done via the Ethos, and is the opportunity to centralise the entire school group intelligence. The way to maximise the way students understand personal responsibility is for it to be a recurring them in that ethos. For example -i'm not saying such option is yet realistic. But many ways it would be more effective if the students initial year in SEN funded school was entirely linked to personal responsibility & the surrounding organism needs to be one giant illustrator. They'd also be taught extracts of english & maths and plenty of creative classes - not ready to be rolled out in state schools yet, but elements have been used and will again. Are you state btw or independent ?. The point is though - and is an effective point bereft of revolution. The current models waste masses of cognitive energy from the ground up. The sooner a universal model of sanctuary devoted to ethos and obtaining the mental conditions required for learning are put in place the better. Any school can put a friday afternoon in place that is creative and reinforcing personal responsibility. But those children require constant contact. Hence such contact needs to be passive = needs to be an Ai of PR in illustration. That way it can be topped up with minimal intrusion - but is always there. Within that openly visual guidance the oxygens of anto social behaviour counter measure itself, what students should do if they are being bullied. The way they can state they'll get immunity and confidentiality. This logic works on basis of a zero exclusion ethos. Thus it stands to reason that it becomes irrelevant what the hearsay is so long as we know its just SM combat. If its more serious like sexual stalking that will be revealed. But really its about finding people who are engaged in pointless drama & being able to have it known that nothing matters with respect to the bullies allegations. Hardly ever would the school witness such allegations as they exist purely to upset the victim. Furthermore such an approach just break ups of self destructive behaviours that damage learning. Naturally the non exclusion status is itself is best kept confidential.

    Overall what all this might do is minimise the effectiveness of SM blackmail, thus discourage it from front end. And empowers students to know they can readily talk about negative experience since the bullies claims would be ineffective in a state where the school explicitly indicates strict confidence. Should an adjustment like this ever be embraced, adjustments are need as woke culture could increase case of false reporting as the method of bullying. In neighbourhood for example disputes that is a real symptom. There are ways around potential exploitations of such a model if the team truly understand how most of the implications of each model work. Mistakes are made when individuals don't. In another example - we hear a lot around the web chats about ''the school did nothing about bullying''. Well plenty of schools are quite hopeless with it tbh. But in yet another of lifes contradictions it is already tough to approach the subject of teacher andragogy, let along parent! Often - effective anti bullying measures seem to have done little just die to the way it was all so confidential, and had enacted confidence based techniques as part of the strategy itself. Thus there would be an element of those remarks in a model determined to work with bullies - its obvious. It is a nobel and wise gesture, the ratings never seem to be great for schools who exclude.

    Every school is placed in the position where there is no orther choice sometimes.

    Ethos is a triplicity of Ethos - Logos - Pathos.  Logos can represent the andragogy & Pathos emotional intelligence naturally. When systems are not working well it is often as the triplicity nature of the group had fallen apart. I.E has resorted to Pathos, which becomes negative outside of the triple. I have rarely known matters to decay into Logos. Much can be said concerning this three way coupling, but it suffices it that integration is essential. For instance though a wonderful subject, theres not much point in listening to the post structuralism doctrine that attempts to obsolete Logos as a masculine abstraction  = logic and so on. The centrality of the equality experience requires a bit more depth than elimination, to often resorts to Pathos, a move that automatically deletes the other pair. Ethos is associated with centrality Neutrality. Logos is Positive & Pathos Negative. There is similarity with something sanskrit teachers refer to as :ṇa

    In that sense ethos can be very compatible with other cultures & there are ways to be even more integrated. A few slight inconsistencies can be dealt with linguistically. The greek more an ethos of philisophy/theory of mind. The Hindhu of good citizenship.

    ''Guna theory's perspective on values constituting human personality is unique yet congruent with other ethical theories''

    So insight at this specific point just happens to be from sacred books of the east. This version of citizenship simply exemplifies what makes a good ethos, I.E essences of things that get a lot done for the least said. Andragogy for instance can never do that every time & in another example it would be ridiculous if say a doctorate tried. We know that with students, they need a gestalt of positive suggestion, backed up by other work.

    We know how images in corridors influence the peripheral vision element of the student mind. We see them around everywhere, but they are random, generic, and not actually part of any integrated technique. If schools are going to do that, then they might as well do it with a coherent objective.

    Ethos needs to impact. Citizenship with the personal responsibility aspects appropriate needs to become part of their consciousness = Memory. That is why the important elements you are looking for can literally be illustrated in an influential position on a school wall within a beautiful design -- Yes. Good citizenship includes the do's & don;'t within personal conducts in SM, perhaps in a discrete way though still with enough presence to be  approachable for project work. You could compose that Ethos, then monitor the impact that sessions of Q & A are opening up in student consciousness via creative projects. That is a minimalistic and economic way to experiment & monitor such progress that disrupts little in way of school workflow, can be budgeted easily, but can positively disrupt poor citizenship. Experimentally matters can go on to be more ofc, one can prove a scaffolding methodology is influencing the students in a systemic, thus efficient way in pen & ink as well as orally. With that evidence it would be so much easier to expand the concept. Definitive safeguarding with respect to SM icould be argued to be falsifiable when the school knows the social boundary conditions at large there, and the students can pontificate them to the staff. That way you'd have good confidence the pedagogy really can tell tale on any SM bully.

    It is time for Citizenship models to become ethos phenomena in lowers schools across the UK i feel N9. Naturally when schools get models to work well, it becomes possible to implement more that just a mural. 

    As you'd see if done meticulously the school might gain more eligabilty for grants.

    Go Well.

  • Thank you again for your reply. We are an independent special school. The student who hurt himself is doing well according to parents which is what we like to hear. He was a bit frustrated and overwhelmed about some things. 

    Riley also struggled a bit yesterday with the noise of the school and no one to talk to about any worries or issues so she got overwhelmed and absconded. She did come back to school by herself which is amazing. She also wore her ears defenders for the first time in school. 

  • At the present time almost all of my points of contact are with independents. As always interesting to hear of current day issues within the scope of research.

    And indeed i thank you.

  • Update: Today Riley told staff that she wants to die and kill herself. We have taken this seriously because she has had suicidal tendencies in the past and it happens especially in the summer. Her parents are aware of this. We know the triggers and are trying to sort this quickly. We have realised a slight change in her mood and behaviour, including more agitation and tiredness and severe mood swings. She's starting to isolate herself away from the students and most staff and doesn't tend to engage in conversation and if she does it is extremely limited. She has also been wearing her ear defenders a lot recently, like nearly all day everyday. She's not eating or drinking either. She's just not herself. And to top it off, her mother explained, TW, that she is starting to self harm which she hasn't done in a year, maybe two. How can we help her? We have people in tomorrow to talk to her, if she would like to and staff are always there for her aswell. It's just upsetting to see any of our students going through a difficult time and we want them to be happy and have the best outcome to life. 

  • Good Morning

    I am very sorry to hear that ideation level behaviours are manifesting such asymmetry from the central learning & living experience. It seems from the text that these immediate thoughts accompany a history of such thought, curiously during the warmer months, with a self harm TW ? Foremost in school minds may be several profound ones i'd imagine when it comes to what becomes of the meaning of DOC concerning the service user. Do the circumstances still define a state where the school can facilitate a way through the dilemma ? If so what are the clinical boundary conditions from which you can source the delineation are the sort of questions that need to be asked. I feel i might understand school continues to walk the path of empathy. The desire is for meaningful special based balance within the school setting.

    Perhaps so be it that there could be a requirement for a specialist chartered psychologist or not as matters develop or not. In that sense it feels like the school is aware of the paraconsistent nature that takes place when a care plan escalates into what is best described as a multi agency suicide watch. We are facing a fact that the support would be meaningless in most other ways, though some could disagree there. Nonetheless it is true that the state of evolution in qualitative & particularly quantitative research concerning 3-9 suicide ideation stressors is underdeveloped. This strongly indicates there is little hope that support would mean much else in the Uk at this time, it is reasonable to say that. Specifically the lack of knowledge linked to psychological drivers for S<I>B in this age range.

    Thus while in effect there is the DOC requirement to follow procedures that are appropriate, in opposition a known archetypal sense of this place. Itself arguably DOC, with respect to the way involvement with mental health services could take over & pervade the service users life. While should matters continue to develop in this fashion, then a criticality effect, with regard to how the sea beneath the ice will shift matters to be realigned in a potential multi agency topology where service users special learning energy would indubitably be expended should the service user replicate in that setting. A course in life to the detriment of meaningful special education is a profound loss. On the other hand a psychopathological interest which urgently requires a categorisation for this self destruction narrative.

    Whilst there would be a yet to be experienced nature to either course. We can see the dilemma, in all probability, brings with it these types of threshold potential. Hence if correct the DOC faces a known bifurcation, though the school prefers a path to fulfilling emotional regulation via means obstensibly in house it seems fair to say ?

    There are two main research theories that study an area called Diathesis :–stress_model

    With good reason assuming there is a worth in establishing a logical starting point perhaps. If so what is learned to prove mostly useful in the long run, there is far too much short term determinism around, and sometimes what is needed in the future has a harmonic balance with that required in the now - do not fear counter intuitions. it remains fortuitous that a school mindfulness directed toward the SU's concept of death, and the differential towards susceptibility. For example Trajectory and predispositional vulnerability data, should we have it ( just for instance ) could be influential. Should such data not be harvested, the worth of rational starting point created shall remain intact & be vital on that level as a minimum.

    Simply as an ultra tentative remark not to be considered compatible with DOC :

    In an ideal world one could suggest that a critical factor rests with lack of symmetry so as to speak, or heuristic markers concerning the service users ability to understand what death means on a perceptual level. If there is an incumbent heuristically triviality within service users psychopathological reasoning, then hypothetically one might argue that the suicidal narrative seems bereft of a imaginative scale conducive with physical self destruction. Thus one can reasonably gather a reassuring doubt, but this would require someone chartered to investigate it so that matters fall correctly within someones remit. If school had arrived at that engagement, one would request they also compile the mundane strategy for your staff during the session(s) for the purpose of bespoke guidance with emotional regulation furthermore within specific context, not simply a general meaning.

    Clinical Psychology

    One disadvantage in that way concerns how many independent chartered psychologists were local authority trained. LA's have value for money responsibilities, thus sensibly and compassionately streamline what they require from such psychologsts for a form of efficiency. This still does entail the need for those operative to gain accreditation. Therefore we end up with a somewhat accidental grey area.  Often they are not experienced in key areas that are vital to special needs children. This is only a top down effect that is reasonably applied, since for many service users it is appropriate, and LA's must deliver value for money. It does mean that in instances where there is a shortfall, then a bottom up scenario is created. There is a limit with repect to how quickly the school can put a relevant strategy in place. Andralogical inclinations will be required when taking notes from this free service  = Aspergermins.

    '' How can we help the student ?''

    How many dimensions has your question got ?

    When a school contracts a CP & instructs they might they specific specialised data, a school will not know they actually shall. Regardless of clear agreement, specialist recommendation may be missing from the report. They may agree to look at your carefully elucidated X, but hand in a box ticked Y, which any SU receives anytime. I'm speaking from DOC dimensions made in ideal worlds on a board since i can that is true. The fact remains - the ability to gather personally phenomenological & existential data specific to service user is DOC. There is nothing about 'being unspecific' in the legislation = DOC. Thus this isn't a missive, this merely illustrates the challenges in sourcing professionals with the relevant skills on behalf of SU's as promised in any special school statement. I can quote a recent remark ( by phone ) be a former federated principle, who is now a regional director for the same special school trust :

    ''We cannot find a chartered psychologist who can do what we want them to do''

    Therefore for schools encounter unhelpful obstacles in front of them, in the process of doing the right thing. Ironically the difficult quest to engage a relevant chartered person is another of the service users woes in itself. In fact shall we all bang our heads against the wall in a show of solidarity might be the question. I ad hoc trained a chartered psyche the same school mentioned. The principle had contracted a professional could understand how to interpret a WISC 4. In that sense the matters around your service users et al face angst of many separate dimensions. You'd also need to be sceptical if interviewing and probing CP on specific areas. They may indicate experience in the natural science with theory of mind, = have tackled its more challenging concepts, and yet just tick boxes as per the streamlined purposes they had been trained in. Far be it, but it sounds like your service user, and others in complex predicaments listed, can have certain forms of need which shall not confluence with expertise lite, & many that could.

    Should you not had time to search the web. I can link to this study as it is free source in the domain. I'd imagine that at least the odd passage could be helpful for building up the beginning of a robust architecture :

    On noticing a sense of urgency. SU needs a short / long tern parallel. Will continue with a post containing further hypothesis that could suit your service user ( or not ) shortly.

    Regards from M of the research base Aspergermins.

  • In this post Aspergermins's can collate what could be best described as ongoing samples, or perhaps it shall be a pile of logs, parts of which school might put to use fo purpose of constructing the SU's scaffold. So be it whatever school to decides it is, the samples will almost always consist of some kind of citation from a study, along with a rational interpretation, and often A's own hypothesis for the purpose that school might discover something relevant. School might begin to sense if it can obtain sound reason to scaffold around a plan, and perhaps a practical, less intense way to work with such aspect(s) within the architecture school can form - or may not who knows.

    Items will be listed one by one and the post updated regularly with new rationale. School might post back whenever on any topic be it daily as so far, or make other remarks as school deems relevant. This is a flow of rationale upon which school may gain the opportunity to form a relevant hypothesis linking to a strategy on SU behalf or not. Some items will arguably tend towards the potential to show an short term regulation, others long term. A's would say there is an inextricable relationship when it comes to long and short term motivational couplings.

    First Impressions concerning SU. :

    School could be dealing with psychological phenomena(s) which are showing explicit social emotional manifestation in cause and effect terms only. School does not appear to have sufficient data, in order to know if there is implicit phenomena at this point. The SU's relationship with those two states form a crucial demarcation in clinical terms. An explicit experience might be a psychological disturbance exclusively manifested by the conscious mind & therefore reasonably far less profound. The several paradigms that surround this area are compelling well established, and tend to consider that conscious mind stores in short term memory. Thus as of now it is still unknown if there is a greater deeper devastating unconscious nature behind this phenomena, hence any long term harbour of painful emotion ( an implicit nature to the disturbance) is something entirely different. If that was so matters default to a higher level of apprehension with relation to  affect with respect to the death wish expressions, by school.

    School only knows there is self destructive narrative, with regular SIB outbursts. None of that means much except perhaps that a painful emotion isn't being understood by SU or anyone.

    In the respect so far experienced by school and detailed, so far A's opinion, in accordance to the information shown, as a reasonable probability, would inclined toward a dilemma related to personal disorientation or the explicit.  This would mean SU in challenge with a complex sociological difficulty measure on the information for far in such early days. This could be manifold in decription, though perhaps this SU could be experiencing an existential versus societal form of crisis. Thus If possible school needs to know something concerning Driver(s), so that the expressions might alter course under school support. If such a existential type predictor were to be accurate ( only for example ), then an event(s) which drove such causation is likely to be unfathomable unless the SU reveals and evidences as such. Though it could be true to say that unless something is active, thus is a matter that should be curtailed, or at lesst detailed historically, such an event is unlikely in most cases to be useful or relevant. Therefore strategy and intervention might merely concentrate of fresh experience in order to begin ways to facilitation emotional regulation and thus recovery. In many ways this can be understood by a restart of another preoccupation, whence negative frecall is in opposition with positive  School might experiment with influx of new stimulus, in order to monitor changes in mood. Going from this basis, it would not matter to much if the positions were voluntarily ( as it were ) conflated with crossover points in any existing diagnosis. An interpretation could be that the clinician trace forth through that diagnosis, and look for bifurcation. It is possible there are key points in SU's experience where shock has damaged their spirit & hurt them deeply. That could be classed as a partial probability. As such the existing diagnostic path onto the convolution would be the interesting area of the trauma.


    School might also note that in A's opinion SU's who manifest explicit signs of this type, could also be losing alertness during the days to the degree that :

    Transitions from microsleep  jogged into poor wakefulness are not impossible. The SU conscious mind could be receiving preconscious artefacts = could be experiencing actual sleep type conditions in small inteludes. If so SU might be wandering in and out of hypnagogic episodes, with beadies open, right before the schools large collection of retinal membranes.

    Thus this sentence could be relevant :

    ''Mental phenomena that may occur during this "threshold consciousness" phase include hypnagogic hallucinations''

    Naturally we do not take this as a cue to entertain a schizotypal form of hallucination, in the endeavour forth, in the slightest. that would be backward unless we had serious data! Such is not even close anyway, we are discussing segments of preconscious mind leaking into conscious. This can happen to anyone, is often experienced daily by many early in the morning, and it is a transition between sleep and wake. Less common is bouts of the same effect due to losing wakefulness when at school or work, though plenty know this in/out state. For example one of the ideas linked to the moorgate tube disaster, an incident where a colleague saw the drivers eyes wide open & hand on handle seconds before the crash - this is the same hypothesis. Except the young the brain organ, the greater certain types of agility. For instance the average person over 18 even, still young, but will have completely lost touch with the nimbleness of the brain, in certain ways, aged around 8 by then. Under duress and suffering from heavy stressors, an 8 year old brain could nip in and out of conscious  and preconscious  within 100ths of a second. An adult cannot match anything like that & it gets worse with age. Thus adults cannot take direct personal adult experience as a comparison. Older folks on average can interlude @ intervals od a second, but  will have trouble coming in/out in terms of 2 to 3 seconds the majority of times. Very young people cam maintain consistent intervals in the 100ths of.

    Without such comparison we'd not understand the entry / exit proposal in the case of young people at all.

    If we a collective are behind with this discussion that is incredible, but there we are. Possibly the aspect that fools us easily, is the way that elements of hypnagogia can linger even when we are convinced we are fully awake - it is surprising. If we then look at a learning difficulty challenged young person, with stressors, who dips into microsleep often. The implications may become clearer ? When true this state can create the conditions where a death wish is powered partially by the dream mind  = not authentic ? Though great care is needed with that notion, as the proper way to view suicide ideation is take it seriously ofc. Furthermore hypnagogia lurking unnoticed, can transport many other perplexing behaviours. In that sense Aspergermins supports the strain of thought which is against SSRi's. They could impact negatively by contact with neurons which link to unconscious fight or flight where the preconscious is firing up. If so thus invigorate any hypnagogic phenomena itself. For example ( this is not a recommendation ) but even the caustic & ballistic Pro Plus would be better that SSRI's in such instances.

    If as a parent on exams day an Aspergermins staffies young person is having preconscious episodes & likely to fail. The choice is a prescribed SSRI or PP in the hope alertness boots up.Q which would A's parent choose ? A PP immediately. A massively lesser of two evils.

    Could SU trigger & melt when strings of wakefulness versus hypnagogia happen back to back ? 

    This SU seems HF to A's. There will be SU disgust if that is going on, & SS cannot decode that. It could be noted also that the Retina is linked to the CNS. So certain preconditions for nerves and hypnagogia are wired right in here. In other words disturbance to sleep at sudden points, is even more relevant than sudden noise in its own way, because the retina can communicate directly with the central nervous system.

    It is not imposible that there is a relationship between motivation in immediacy and in the mind concept of a futuristic sense. In that way the quest to scaffold short term motivation might be impaired if a suitable coupling that transports long term motivation is not implemented. Thus a nature or nurture based theory debatable. Working along the lines that the fight or flight mind needs certain forms of parallel influx in order to be content and suitably preoccupied due to a natural selection process. if new information is arriving in the conscious mind, the unconscious samples it. This type of theory can only be logical should it be so, that we have a mind management trait that hungers for short term and long term enrichment based on concepts of safeguarding the fture and present. Therefore the mind wants to now things will be good (and how) in the long term * seems very obvious diesn't it ) - or F&F will exert uncomfortable phenomena if rationale for the future is lacking for too long. - explicit nervous conditions basically. It should be added here that a God can be the agency that intelligently designed it. The point isn't to remove or inpugn religion by speaking of natural selection - this post author holds no view of that type except consider this a God or nature so be it.Whatever the truth of design & neuroscience is not close at all to any empirical evidence of that type, it actually makes no difference since school only has the choice to work with psychology & phenomenology But the point is ..

    If SU entirely lacks sense of direction like that, then even NT sense of direction encouragements are triggers. SU et al - could be any - may have no concept of the significance of an education relative to the futureIf that were the case, it is an obstruction to any SU's understanding concerning the point of education itself - just for instance.

    School may also gain something by a small study, with relation to what linguistic adaptations could be implemented. As if to make notes. Maybe recalling words used leading up to previous meltdowns & any in future as if the SU is in the thought police. This is darn hard work for school, but a breakthrough, with a scaffold in place, and respite, could make all the difference. By any chance will school be asking everyone what words they like anytime soon ? And what delicious home made goodies will there be for the students?