Help for Jennie

Hello, my name is Nicola. I'm a mum to four daughters and my eldest, Jennie was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Growing up has been especially difficult for her what with being sensitive to touch, smells and sounds. She has always been a very bright and happy girl but in recent years Jennie has started to act differently. She has mood swings and often sounds depressed and has lost the happy and positive vibe that she usually has about her. Her father died a few years ago and Jennie appeared to cope very well but I can't help but feel like the loss has affected her and caused maybe some depression.

But the reason I am here is because, unknowing to me Jennie has been writing on her laptop to her father. Last night she went to bed and left her laptop on so I went to close it down and found that she'd left a word document open. It was a letter to her father and I'm glad I read it because throughout she said how depressed she was. And she also wrote how she feels like she's more than one person and that she's suicidal sometimes. She said a lot of the time she feels like she's watching life rather than living it and she is constantly worried about people hurting her or dying.

So this is where I am stuck. I've always been close with all my girls but Jennie is difficult to communicate with and I don't know how best to help her with this. What should I do? Will talking help or maybe a letter? I want to help Jennie and be there for her but I don't know how to do it without making her meltdown or feel bad.

Thanks for your time.