hi to you all i would like advice or what works for your child when there having meltdown. as at moment i just try to interact with him but even that dose not work sometimes leaving him and waiting for him to snap out of it is the only thing with music on that we use but like any parent you just want to help, . 

  • For us we are finding that ignoring his behaviour during the meltdown is better than trying to help (as long as he's safe and those around him are to).  We have spent the last several months trying to help but it has only made things worse and caused him to become aggressive at times.  Ignoring him for us has meant the meltdown doesn't last as long and no one gets hurt.  

  • Do you know what causes the meltdowns?        If so, you can probably avoid many of them.

  • I recommend get him a pad and pen and whenever he has a meltdown politely ask him to write down what is bothering him. Just understanding the problems is the first step. There's usually a reasonable explanation. Autistic people can be very bothered by things that NTs might think are trivial. So try to keep an open mind.

  • Ignore the tantrum and reward the behaviour you want to see.