Private Diagnosis for Toddler


My 21 month old daughter is showing early signs of autism. She has been referred to the Community Paediatric Team but they have advised that there is a 6-9 month waiting list for an initial assessment. 

I am considering obtaining a private assessment. Has anyone else done this or have any experiences that they wish to share? I am concerned about going private in case she is diagnosed incorrectly (either way) as they may not be knowledgeable.

Would anyone be able to recommend anyone reputable/knowledgeable in the Midlands area? 



  • Unfortunately I don't know anything about private - my daughter was diagnosed age 8 and it was a 12 month wait at the time so 6-9 months seems relatively quick which is awful to say.  I would keep ringing them - be on their case until support if offered. Trust your judgement.  Good luck!