Worrying about my 4 year old daughter

Hi everyone, my 12 year old son is on the waiting List at cheyne Chelsea and Westminster hospital, everything changed for him when he left primary school, I asked the primary did they notice everything when he was in School, they would say no he was very intelligent and shy didn’t talk much, now the point I’m getting at is his younger sister She is 4 and she is reminding me of him, likes routine, watches the same programs everyday, very artistic but she will draws the same thing and puts all her effort into it, she also lines all the colours up in matching order, also lines her shoes up and has this weird thing about socks and knickers how they feel on her and also a poor diet she only eats chicken and hard carrots like her brother, I don’t know if I am looking too much into this but I am scared because I am going through a hard time with my son, who is now out of education since secondary school and have been told be a psychologist that she thinks mainstream school isn’t for him.
Sorry to put a list of things but I am worried.
I have four children, one boy 12 with undiagnosed ASD and SPD, one Girl 8 with dyslexia and high level of learning disability, no worries about my other boy 10 and then my youngest that I am worried about.