Is the Blue Badge for hidden disabilites just for adults????

Has anyone been successful is acquiring a blue badge for children with autism/adhd and no physical mobility issues?

I applied under the new rules for hidden disabilties and was rejected due to the following:  "there is a person present supporting the applicant to negate the risk and aid in preventing psychological distress".

Under this rule then I presume that no child with a hidden disabilty such as autism (who has no physical mobility issues) will qualify for a blue badge as there will always be an adult driver with them to "negate the risk and prevent distress".  

Is this hidden disabilities rule just for adults then?

For background information: I have 2 children aged 8 and 10..  They both have learning difficulties and autism (amongst other things) and attend special school.  Although they have no physical mobility issues they both have lots behavioural issues, anxieties etc when out.  Also to note,  they both were assessed and qualify for the lower rate of dla for the mobility component due the level of supervision they require when out.  I'm often out alone with the 2 of them which I feel increases the level of risk. To give an example, my son hates wind and rain which, especially in the winter, causes issues when getting in and out of the car. 

I thought the whole idea was to help those with hidden disabilties get out and about more easily and safely.  At present I'm quite limited in where I take them (if I'm on my own) as I will only go to places that have mother and child spaces near to the entrance and these are at a minimum too.

Just seems to me that under their criteria no child with only hidden disabilties would qualify.