Just had a letter from the DWP

Hi I have a 15 year old son with ASD, auditory processing disorder, selective mutism and social anxiety. I've just received a letter from the DWP stating that from age 16 he has to apply for PIP. We were originally told he would only have to apply from 18 but they're changing things now. I've signed their letter saying I would like to be my son's appointee as he has no understanding of financial things. I'm worried about applying for PIP mostly because of the assessment. I've been through it myself and it's crazy stressful. My son more than likely won't attend an appointment and if at home will not leave his room. He doesn't speak either. He can speak but only to immediate family and only within the family home. He's in a special school but doesn't speak and uses communication tools. I don't think an appointment would go well and kind of scared about it. He's 16 in Feb next year. Has anyone not had to have an assessment but got PIP for their child?

Thank you x

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