Should my daughter repeat year 1 ?

Hi everyone !

I live in Australia, and my daughter is 6 years old and about to finish year 1, and start year 2.  We had a choice to delay her starting kindergarten due to her being born in January, but chose to start her early because she had such an interest in learning.  We also did not have the ASD diagnosis, so we felt ok starting her at school.  I do not regret her starting kindergarten last year, it helped with her diagnosis, and starting early intervention, which we might have delayed a year if she started the following year.... if all that makes sense.

However, this has made one of the youngest in her class. So we are seeing her being the baby of the year, and the relationships she forms seem to more her peers taking care of her, rather than forming friendships.  I also see that the other kids are much more socially and emotionally mature than her.  I feel like she would fit in a bit better with the year below, and would be more matched to their maturity.  I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  On the one hand being around older peers that will look after her is a good thing, on the other hand would being putting her with less mature kids be beneficial or make things worse?

Does she have friends?  She didnt have any at the start of the year, then towards mid-year she formed a close friendship with one of her class mates, but now she is once again without friends at lunch times.  She does go up to people at lunch times, they also have lego tables available, so she goes in to play there with others.  She also goes up to people who might grab her interest... but no regular friends.

I feel like the decision to repeat or not is now, because the longer we leave it, the harder it will be.

Should I repeat her, or keep going?