Housing issues

I have a housing issue, damp mould, unsuitable parking, back gate leads onto busy care park, back gate and fence has rotted away and swings in the wind, storage heaters with lots of dust in, we all have asthma, unsuitable bathroom we have a 30cm gap if that to get in and out the bath as the toilets in the way, son has incontinence issue and we have no downstairs toilet.

I have filled out a housing form and a medical form.

My issue is that when in previously complained of damp mould and heater I was told it was my fault even though the previous tenant complained and had the same issues I have had including the leaking pipe under the bath and the kitchen ceiling coming through water tank pipe leaking ( I know this because I contacted her). I keep the windows open to allow circulation to prevent condensation and the walls are covered in patches of re wallpapered wall from damp and mould. But the heating can’t be controlled effectively and we are either too hot or too cold. And every time they are put on cause us nasal problems, throat problems, headaches etc,.

My my son isn’t aware of dangers and how hot the heaters get so I can’t put the ones on upstairs.

My issue is he is refusing to come home. Wherever we go he can’t wait as soon as he wakes up he wants to be out of the house, but coming home he knows the roads and has a screaming fit, cries hysterically and refuses to get out the car. We get him in the house and he screams and cries and gets really angry he hits himself and throws things around and escapes through the back door ( if one of us has forgot to lock it usually the OH)

I know we have a housing issue and to be honest I’m drained and sick of living here too. But I’ve always tried to make the best and have made my own adaptations and ensure it’s safe for him as he’s a climber. We also don’t have keys to the locks on the windows and I’m terrified he’s going to open them one day and just jump out the window.

my local council have previously given me the excuse of he’s not in a wheelchair so can’t have a DFG and I’ve explained his disability is mental which affects him physically and we can have the heating changed but would increase our rent, our rent is already higher than social houses as we were put in a private sector house the the council.

anyway I’ve just about had enough and would be greatful if anyone knows anything I can do or say to push to get them to move us our house is private rent but through the council so we have an actual landlord who after 8 weeks still hasn’t fixed the back gate, after all the work i’ve done on this house I’m just ready to pack and leave it all behind.

I've been subject to vandalism on my car and tyres let down and wing mirrors kicked off. All because the neighbours visitors have no respect and can’t read numbers on the spaces and think they are more entitled than the residents. It doesn’t help we live at the back of a pub and it’s noisy in the afternoon and through the night, it’s known for drug dealers and there is not a day there isn’t police riot vans on the car park! Yet other areas in the town I live don’t have the same problem.

my son seems happy when we are at his nans both of whom have bigger houses, gardens and decent heating, both have downstairs toilets which we find helps us get him to the toilet on time as we are still training him.

I’ve been to the Drs who have said I’m clearly showing physical signs of stress and got his social worker to write a letter asking to be re-housed and the reasons why.

tomorrow I’m going to call up the council and tell them I mentally can’t take it any longer living here. It’s affecting my sons mental health and our mental health, but don’t want to come across aggressive.

if anyone has any advice on our rights I’d be really grateful.

its not my first fight with the council over something, I’m on a stage 2 complaint in regards to my son firstly being denied an assessment for an EHCP.

So I have had a lot of stress over the past year.

thanks in advance.