Negative routine

Hi there. My nearly 14 year old daughter has developed a safeguarding routine at school. She is checked voluntarily every morning for any sharps she may have on her and asked to hand them over. She often complies. Although there are days when she doesn't hand them all over, and will at times self harm during the school day. She is selective mute but now doing well in all other areas at school, but this routine she's in the habit of doing is causing safe guarding issues for the school that need to be addressed. I've tried talking to her about it but this is a conversation she gets angry about. I'm just trying to figure out what her need is around this. I'm analysing the school day and putting in place things that may help, mostly around anxiety. School, myself, her CAMHS worker and psychiatrist will be focusing on this behaviour to aid support. Anyone have any advice etc please?

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