EHCP Help!


My son has recently been diagnosed with autism. On his report, it says that an EHCP would be beneficial - school, so far have been supportive but say that there is a current list of EHCPs underway and he may not get an EP assessment until spring.

My question is, has anyone done an EHCP themselves and been successful?

School has been supportive and I’m sure will continue to be so but I don’t want to have to wait such a long time. We have lots of supporting paperwork. 

What do you think?

(He is 5) 

Thank you.


  • You can apply yourself, directgov has all the links and instructions there are also multiple sites that can help you complete the forms.

    I personally don't have any experience of completing an ehcp but I do know of parents that were successful when then school had failed 

  • There’s some deadlines that all councils have to stick to where it comes to EHCP. It’s 20 weeks from agreeing to assess till they have to issue a EHC plan. Most EHCP include EP assessment report. Which means that L.A. has to find EP within 20 weeks (or before). However this is all good in theory. In reality everything takes much longer. We waited 2.5 years in all for passable EHCP. I know families who are waiting similar amount of time if not longer. 

    My advice would be to start the process ASAP, if you do it yourself you will have better control and understanding of the deadlines - some schools don’t really understand the process and that causes delays.

    However  if you have faith in your school then by all means use their help. 

    Then you need to adjust your expectations re time it’s going to take and prepare for lots and lots of complaining (to the council) about missing deadlines etc.

    There’s lots out there on the net about EHCP - I recommend SOSSEN website and IPSEA website - exciting advice and even some model letters.


    Good luck