Im new here but was hoping for some help or advice please! My son has been diagnosed with ASD for 4 years (currently he’s 9). I’ve read the books, had training (I worked in a special needs school), and talked to lots of people.. however I’m at a loss right now. My son is getting violent, VERY violent and has tried to strangle himself or hurt himself during his meltdowns. I have had a CAMHS referral, he has his assessment and I was basically told not their problem as it’s part of autism. Tonight he has run away and tried to jump in front of a car, And attacked me. I am team teach trained so know all the safe holds, but he is getting too strong and I am struggling to make him safe. (Tonight he has sprained both my wrists) Does anyone know where I should go for help or have any advice? I’m trying so hard and am currently so scared he will one day hurt himself very badly. 

Thank you to anyone who has made is through my essay!