Carers assessments - anything useful for parents of young adults?

Just wondering whether any parents to young autistic adults have been through this process and received anything helpful.  

I understand it's individualised, but when I look through the local carers association info, the range of possible support all seems to be of an ilk.  I'd be looking for psychological support, ongoing advice and guidance (on ongoing issues like personal hygiene and total withdrawal in the unwitting "caree") and constructive help with the benefits system for someone who won't engage with services to any degree (and not mini breaks or an occasional spa day etc).  

I'm not sure what even rests with the council rather than other services (if available), possibly indicating the need for some kind of coordinator.  Certainly my own post diagnostic care assessment with social services, organised by a psychologist, focussed only on very basic needs such as mobilty, self care and socialising.  This seemed like an inappropriate waste of time in my case, given that I'm a 56 yo female who's already had to make her way in the world and has mastered quite a lot, albeit with some difficulty over the years.  Predictably enough, it was determined that I have no eligible needs.  

Now I'm fairly sure my son would have eligible needs, were he to actually engage with the process, so my focus would be on helping me to help him.  But I'm getting the impression it doesn't work like that.  Plus, of course, the council won't have much funding anyway.

Still waiting for the carers association to get back to me, but does anyone have any positive experiences of this?