loud public announcements

I have noticed that public announcements have got a lot louder.  This includes almost any form of transport and at my local walk-in centre.  The volume seems to be set to penetrate head phones.  This means that people without are assaulted by noise.  Surely it counts as discrimination when many Aspies/ people with ASD have a different sensitivies.

Should we make a concerted effort to communicate this formally to TFL, NHS areas, train service providers  etc.

  • I'd think you would be onto a loser there - they would argue that the announcements need to be loud enough for everyone to hear - no matter where they are in the building - and that would be different depending on where you are and the distance from the speakers and the number of people and how much noise thay are making.

    They would say for safety's sake that they need to be louder than everything else in the environment.

  • With a pair of noise cancelling headphones, the background noise is reduced significantly, and any loudspeaker announcements come through nice and clearly, and at a comfortable volume. Like a telephone call.