University choices

Son is deciding between Royal Holloway, Loughborough, Surrey, Bath and Nottingham. Some offers possibly a bit high but what he really needs is information about the quality of support. Has anyone got any experience of the above unis? 

  • Loughborough, when I was there, had support for disabilities and I know my friend had departmental/lecturer support when they knew about his dyslexia in the 90's.  I would contact all of them and ask to understand their diversity/equality support including any focal points in the establishments. 

  • I have a feeling that Royal Holloway has good support available (son of a friend of a friend got on very well there). He had access to social groups etc as well as academic support as I understand it. Maybe check that out. Don’t know about the others.

  • Last year I attended training run by the autism Disability Advisor at Loughborough and found the whole experience to be incredibly uncomfortable, especially as she spent part of the presentation taking about how the autistic traits her students possessed often made her feel uncomfortable - with one issue being eye contact.  She did seem enthusiastic but I think she has a lot to learn.

    Would it be useful for you son to establish a list of his wants and then to contact each department to see what they offer?For example, some universities provide very limited places for autism mentoring (funded through the DSA) on campus and the rest of their students attend this support through private companies elsewhere in the county. Others can provide quieter halls and some even put on summer schools to support these students to become familiar with the campus whilst its quieter, as well as to provide an opportunity to meet other autistic individuals.