Concerned about my 14 yr old

I have a 14yr son and he got diagnosed with autism last month. 

I am worried about his mental health and his future  

He is struggling in school and although there is a plan in place to try and help in, I'm not sure it will work because my son won't accept help and won't try anything to school has suggested. For example, attending breakfast club as they take a small group of kids and they play games and help them feel happy about the start of the school day. 

All I get from him is I'm not doing it then he says things like he's never getting a job because he's not good at anything and he's going to fail school anyway so what's the point. 

Any advice? I don't think he'd go to counselling as he's not great with new people and communicating his thoughts and feelings.

  • Hi, 

    Sorry your to hear that you are struggling, teenage boys can be a struggle to motivate at any point without asd! Is there a subject/ activity that your son really enjoys as this can be a way of refocusing him, such as if he enjoys sports maybe school could offer more in that area and reduce demands in others? This would help him to feel more positive about school in general. 

    Has he tried writing his feelings down if he doesn't want to talk this would give him an outlet without him having the additional stress of talking to someone. Are there any asd groups for teenagers in your area? It might be a way for him to start seeing the positive side of things. 

    Good luck