Autism & Anorexia in teen girls

My daughter was diagnosed with high functioning autism after she had already been diagnosed with anorexia and was in a psychiatric unit at the age of 12 years.  The Autism was always there but not in a learning disability way, more social, emotional and communication way.  When she hit puberty and secondary school, that's when it became all too clear that she was different and something else was going on.  She developed the eating disorder at the age of 12 years with all of the very obsessive-compulsive aspects of anorexia exploiting her autistic view of the world.  She is now about to turn 14 years and has only just been discharged from hospital.  She is a very different person and I fear she is likely to relapse and end up back in hospital.  

Before I ramble on anymore about our story, is there anyone out there with a daughter in a similar position?