Aggressive violent 6 year old daughter....please help !!

Where to daughter has always been “different” from my other children and finally last month the doctor agreed and said she is “text book Aspergers”. We are waiting for a full assessment/diagnosis to be given however in the meantime we are really struggling with her violence and aggressive behaviour towards all of us.

she hits, smacks, kicks all of us (mum, dad & older sister) she screams repeatedly when asked to do anything for herself and when she doesn’t want to something she will just do an ear piercing scream, sometimes for hours- and I mean hours, at a time ! 

We all live in constant fear of upsetting her and she completely rules our house and lives. We have numerous “calm down” strategies in place, sensory bag, bubble lamps, picture boards with her emotions on it but nothing is working.

at school she is super good, well above average intelligence and a model student but at home she is the complete opposite. I am aware this is often the case with girls who are Aspergers but when it comes to getting help and support it limits out options. 

Pls pls can anyone offer any help or suggestions where to go or what to do to get help ?

im at the point where I’m worried a neighbour will call the police because of the screaming and shouting from her.

We all try to help her and work with her but she the anger side of her is uncontrollable and we all need help ! 

Thank you and I welcome any help.