Is it possible to get a diagnosis even if school don't agree?

Hi I have an appointment with paediatric, for my 10 year old daughter in a few weeks. My issue is school can't see there is a problem ,however I have a child with alot of Sensory issues, who has total meltdowns over the smallest of things. School have told me there no point in getting a diagnosis as she doesn't need support. My daughter fathers partner, is trained in autism, and she could see alot of signs of autism in my daughter without me or her father even mentioning it. I also have a son with Asperger's and a daughter with Dyspraxia, so I do know what I'm dealing with. I'm just feeling like I'm going to have to fight to get paediatric to take me serious. 

  • Hi, 

    Yes you can get a diagnosis without the school. Just because she doesn't need support in school now does not mean she won't so for school to state this is ludicrous. 

    Check the pages on this site they contain all the information you need about what the school must do and what the process for diagnosis is. I would suggest that download a copy of nasen flying under the radar, it is a booklet aimed at schools highlighting the difference between asd in boys and girls, it is very common for girls to show little to no signs in school and meltdown at home, it is caused by the effort of masking the signs during the day. 

    Trust your instincts when you see peadiatrics if you believe it is asd then push for diagnosis explain she masks and the stress it is causing her. Really point out her sensory problems, it may help if you complete some of the childhood autism tests online and take her scores with you.

    Good luck x

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