Can anyone recommend a reliable safety GPS tracker.


 Our son is 8 and is non verbal. He has always held our hand when out, but has recently started to be more independent. As his school encourages it. Much against our wishes. We never take our eyes off him anyway when where out. But I am now constantly terrified when where out that something will happen. To the point im walking off in mid conversation to maintain eye contact. The options are like a mine field of pros and cons. Has anyone any recommendations or any experience. Id just like that added security, especially when he out on school trip and where not with him.

  • This is a GPS tracker, and a phone. It connects to an app, where you can see exactly where your son would be. It has an SOS button, so if he gets lost, or something happens, it will also notify your phone immediately via the app, when the button is hit. It will store 2 numbers which can be called by just pressing one button for each number. You can also call him, and it's one button to pick up. I know he's non-verbal, but you can talk to him until you can find him, just for comfort. My friend has a particularly evasive son, they got him one, and it worked like a charm. They are easy to set up, and use. Lots of colours too, and designs.

    Hope that's helpful.