Records held on child

I used GDPR to find out why my child was not wanted at any sixth forms and social services were asking about odd incidinets.  I found a record that SS hold that does not accord with the reality I know. 

It is highly redacted but piecing together the questions asked and information given in respomse to my answers to them there is a complete misunderstading of the person and diagnosis.  It seeme to be from a record held on the merlin database (I think this is a London database of chidren at risk  or of concern).   The information on an incident was given by a school mate.  

Can I demand to know what is redacted or to challenge what seems to be there?  Otherwise I am explaining that the interpretations made are highly damaging and not a reue representatiion oif the person?  It does no fit the simple rules given on the help in the legislation.

Any pointers gratefully received